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Differentiate Vodia with PromptVoice's Innovative AI Voicing Solution | Webinar Available On-Demand

Teaming up with PromptVoice, Vodia resellers can easily deploy auto-attendant, in-queue, and on-hold audio solutions at scale, opening doors to new, profitable, and recurring earnings. The on-demand recording of the Vodia-PromptVoice webinar from June 20, 2023, "Differentiate Vodia with PromptVoice’s Innovative AI Voicing Solution" explains how MSPs can provide potent Customer Experience (CX) tools through the Vodia PBX.

August 30, 2023

Vodia Announces Webinar with PromptVoice

“At Vodia we’re all about innovation, and this includes the companies with whom we partner,” said Eric Altman, Vodia Sales Engineer. “2023 is the embarkation point for a massive sea change in tech and CX, with the eruption of ChatGPT and other AI deployments, and PromptVoice is at the vanguard...We hope all of our resellers will join us for this webinar and, hopefully, discover a new way to drive increased revenue during the second half of 2023.”

June 8, 2023

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Vodia Now Integrates with Grafana®

Vodia now integrates with Grafana Labs®' technology to enhance observability in installations, addressing the needs of critical infrastructure environments like emergency services and healthcare. By integrating with Grafana's® scalable metrics, logs and traces solutions, Vodia ensures secure and reliable communication systems. This integration enables geo-redundant deployment and proactive incident response, supporting Vodia's commitment to IT security. Vodia also provides extensive support for implementing, monitoring and auditing these high-availability communication solutions, ensuring seamless integration with various platforms and adherence to stringent data protection measures.

June 19, 2024

The End of the Line

NEC's exit from the on-premise telephone systems market has left many customers at a crossroads, seeking effective alternatives. Vodia provides a seamless transition to our on-premise PBX, utilizing a proven migration path and advanced VoIP technology. In recent migrations, we observed the deep-rooted reliance on "lines" within NEC systems. Our approach ensured a smooth adaptation, teaching users to transition from the old two-step process to a more intuitive VoIP interface. VoIP eliminates physical lines, offering a robust, efficient, and user-friendly communication solution. With Vodia, your organization can continue to communicate effectively, ensuring business continuity and enhanced communication capabilities.

June 10, 2024

#SmartCommunication For Successful Learning

Effective communication is pivotal in enhancing learning experiences. Collaboration between educators and parents fosters a positive environment for students. Amidst the digitalization of education, prioritizing #SmartCommunication is essential for seamless integration of technology into teaching and learning. As learning methods evolve, educators are transforming into facilitators, guiding learners towards acquiring, applying and sharing knowledge. The role of assessment is also evolving, emphasizing the application and utilization of knowledge. While technology shapes the future of education, personal interaction remains vital.

June 7, 2024