Next Level Healthcare Communications with Vodia

Elevating Healthcare Services with Vodia's Communication Solution

Delivering high-quality healthcare services demands effective communication. Vodia's reliable and high-quality communication services enable you to build trust with patients, colleagues, and service providers. Our healthcare communication solutions cater to all sectors and specialties, serving medical professionals from rural practices to university hospitals, laboratories to therapists, and nursing experts.

Improved Healthcare Operations

Streamlining Patient Call Management to Boost Staff Efficiency

With Vodia's communication system, logic takes center stage. The customized rules set for smart patient routing result in reduced waiting times, enhanced patient satisfaction, and relieve staff from routine calls. Intelligent call control allows you to prioritize specific callers, offer premium services, swiftly redirect emergency calls, or directly accept calls from colleagues. Automated voice assistants streamline processes, reducing appointments for follow-up prescriptions, sick notes, or chronic patient care. The Vodia communication platform facilitates seamless integration for multi-channel communication.

The Smart Approach to Appointment Scheduling and Preparation

Are you struggling to maintain control of your appointment calendar while striving to provide a swift and convenient booking service for your patients? Vodia's speech terminal empowers patients to book appointments, restoring flexibility to your scheduling process. Simultaneously, reduce no-shows and enable automated rescheduling or cancellations. Elevate patient satisfaction by sending automated reminders, and maximize consultation time by requesting additional information and the completion of medical forms in advance. Secure data rooms and telephone patient authentication facilitate the safe sharing of preliminary findings, medication plans, doctor's letters, or images before appointments. Unlock Vodia's integration potential with existing platforms and software solutions for a seamless experience.

Revolutionizing Fax with Vodia Smart Fax

The enduring use of fax in medical practice is upheld for valid reasons, and it will persist for some time. Vodia empowers you to continue working with this time-tested method of document transmission by enhancing its capabilities and reinforcing its security. Vodia offers highly encrypted fax transmission within secure networks for particularly sensitive information exchange, ensuring double security. Additionally, you have the option to use fax as a digital document in medical practice, eliminating the need to handle paper. This solution is applicable, for instance, in exchanges with colleagues or for transmitting lab results. It's fast, secure, and straightforward – that's Vodia Smart Fax.

Elevating Speech Communication Efficiency with AI Assistance

Vodia stands as a pioneer in the realm of speech assistance systems supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Ongoing innovations are opening up broader applications in daily medical practices, delivering substantial benefits. Leverage Vodia's Integration Toolbox to seamlessly incorporate medical AI applications, unleashing new realms of opportunity.

Your digital assistant not only writes and translates but also assists in patient communication. Through personalized communication, for example, in patient care, you can offer patients voice recordings, text transcripts, and even translations. This innovation transforms diagnoses and doctor's letters into spoken documents, providing patients the convenience to review or listen at their convenience. These services are equally valuable in telemedicine consultations, where AI-assisted translation services facilitate access for foreign patients to your expertise.

Effortless Communication with Colleagues

Whether you're referring a patient to a specialist, seeking expert advice, or working together in trans-sectoral and interdisciplinary teams, these interactions demand seamless coordination and effective communication. With Vodia's communication platform, you can trust that no vital communication goes unnoticed, ensuring swift integration of communication outcomes into medical workflows. By fostering enhanced colleague communication, Vodia contributes to a cohesive healthcare ecosystem where knowledge sharing, consultations, and interdisciplinary teamwork flourish, resulting in more informed decisions and ultimately better patient outcomes

Safeguarding Data Privacy in Healthcare Communication

In the healthcare sector, data privacy is of utmost importance. With Vodia's communication platform, you can trust that your information is safeguarded by the rigorous data security standards mandated by the EU-DSGVO. Our communication platforms are eligible for certification in medical use, ensuring full compliance with stringent requirements. Vodia also offers you the flexibility to operate the platform in any data center certified for medical purposes. Additionally, upon request, the Vodia communication platform can be securely hosted in data centers with high-security standards in Germany through IONOS. Our unwavering commitment to avoiding open-source code in the platform's development further minimizes additional security risks. Rest assured that with Vodia, your data privacy remains our top priority in healthcare communication.

Seamless Integrations: Advancing Communication Platforms

The effectiveness of any communication platform relies heavily on its seamless integration into existing solutions. Whether it's your current communication devices, SIP phones, DECT infrastructures, mobile devices like tablets or smartphones, desktop applications, or web browsers, the possibilities for leveraging communication services are virtually limitless. Vodia's standout feature lies in its remarkable capacity to seamlessly integrate with existing software, whether it's MIS (Medical Information System), CIS (Clinical Information System), appointment scheduling software, or telemedicine software. Furthermore, for those seeking even more customization, our API allows you to develop your software based on the Vodia communication software. Our dedicated partners are readily available to offer comprehensive guidance and manage the integration of devices or software to suit your unique needs.

Shaping the Future of Telemedicine with Robust and Cost-Effective Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of telemedicine, the demand for resilient and cost-effective systems with stringent data protection and security measures has never been greater. With Vodia communication platform as your trusted partner, software manufacturers can not only meet but exceed these expectations, creating their certification-ready telemedicine solutions. Now, it's your turn to embark on this transformative journey and shape the future of telemedicine together, ensuring healthcare excellence and security for all.

There are good reasons to trust Vodia Healthcare Solution:

Professional Services

Vodia’s solutions are purpose-built for the healthcare sector and offer outstanding integration capabilities.

Robust architecture

Backed by robust architecture, high quality software code and minimal hardware and network requirements, Vodia ensures the highest availability and scalability.

Operational Flexibility

Choose to operate Vodia’s Communications Platform in every desired operation model and platform which suits best.

Privacy and Security

Vodia prioritizes privacy and security by design, addressing critical risks and legal restrictions.


Vodia provides certifications for professional setup and operation of its healthcare solution. Vodia also provides professional services if a third-party certification is required.


Vodia’s team comprises experts who combine technological proficiency with profound telco knowledge to help you maximize the potential of your communication solution.


Vodia is not just a solution provider but a networking company. We foster long-term relationships with our partners, such as telcos, internet or managed service providers, maintaining long term relationships.

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