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Welcome to the World of Maritime Communication!

Modern cruise ships require efficient onboard communication, and Vodia Maritime Communication Server (VMCS) meets this demand seamlessly. VMCS ensures uninterrupted connectivity at sea through satellite-based internet access, prioritizes safety and security, and enables personalized communication and entertainment for passengers. It also addresses cybersecurity concerns and is poised for future enhancements, promising an even more immersive cruise experience.

Smooth Sailing

Enhancing Passenger Comms on Cruise Ships with VMCS

Imagine setting sail on a luxurious cruise ship, embarking on a journey to picturesque destinations, indulging in world-class cuisine, and enjoying a wide array of entertainment options. While the allure of the open sea and exotic ports of call beckon passengers, seamless communication while on board remains a key aspect of the modern cruise experience. This is where onboard communication servers step in to transform the way passengers stay connected and informed during their voyage.

Check in and setting sail with Vodia Maritime Communication Servers

Cruise ships have evolved into floating cities, and the need for efficient passenger communication is more critical than ever. Onboard communication servers play a pivotal role in meeting this demand. These servers act as the nerve center of the ship, connecting passengers, crew members, and ship systems through a robust and integrated network. With Vodia Maritime Communication Servers (VMCS) you can expect the most reliable communication system available.

Connectivity at Sea

Staying in touch with loved ones or accessing important information while at sea is not a challenge anymore. However, with onboard communication servers, passengers and crew can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout their cruise. The Vodia Maritime Server leverages satellite-based internet access to ensure internet availability throughout the entire trip, allowing passengers and crew to check emails, engage with social media, or even stream their favorite content, all while surrounded by the vast expanse of the ocean. Incoming calls can be routed without the usual high rates as well as outgoing calls can be established at reasonable rates. This makes crew and passenger communication a competitive advantage for the ship and cruise operators.  

Safety and Security

Cruise lines prioritize passenger and crew safety above all else, and onboard communication servers are essential in this regard. They enable real-time communication between passengers and crew members, ensuring swift response to any emergency. Passengers can easily report incidents or request assistance through dedicated shipboard apps, providing peace of mind as they explore the ship and its destinations. Therefore Vodia Maritime Solutions provide functionality to meet the safety and security communication requirements.

Seamless Information Sharing

Cruise ships are renowned for their diverse and ever-changing itineraries. Vodia Maritime Communication Servers facilitate seamless information sharing with passengers, offering real-time updates on activities, dining options, and shore excursions. Passengers can access digital daily planners, view restaurant menus, and even make reservations through user-friendly interfaces available on their mobile devices. Vodia Maritime Solutions provide full capabilities to communicate with passengers in a personalized way using event driven communication towards all possible endpoints including tablets in cabins and apps on passengers' mobile devices. 

Entertainment and Personalization

Modern cruise ships are a haven of entertainment options, and communication servers play a role in enhancing this experience. Passengers can access onboard entertainment schedules, book spa treatments, or reserve seats at theater shows, all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. Personalized recommendations for activities and excursions are also made possible through data analytics, ensuring a tailored cruise experience.

Cybersecurity and Privacy at Sea

The Vodia Maritime Server is beneficial to support all possible risk mitigation activities of the IT service staff regarding potential cybersecurity threats to ensure the highest availability possible.  Additionally, the Vodia Maritime Server incorporates security and privacy features in line with the design-by-concept principles. Vodia also provides professional services to support certifications, if necessary.

The Future of Cruise Communication

Connected cruise experience is the clear vision of the maritime cruise industry. As technology continues to advance, the Vodia Maritime Communication Server has integrated  interfaces to offer passengers and crew a top-tier connected user experience. It leverages the build-in integration framework to seamlessly incorporate best-in-class applications such as AI and augmented cruise features. Enhanced connectivity, augmented reality experiences, and improved integration with passenger devices are all on the horizon, promising an even more immersive and convenient cruise experience

With Vodia Maritime Communication Server ship operators are prepared to revolutionize passenger communication on cruise ships whatever the requirements will be. They provide a lifeline to the world while at sea, ensure safety, offer personalized experiences, and contribute to the overall enjoyment of a cruise. With the Vodia Maritime Server at the communication helm, passengers and crew can embark on their voyages with the assurance that they are always just a message away from a world of possibilities on the open sea.

Setting Sail with VMCS:
Innovative Communication Applications

Crew Communication

  • Crew DECT mobile devices auto provisioning
  • Paging, message boxes
  • Service request management

Device Management

  • Cabin tablets
  • Passenger devices 
  • IoT: Device health status reporting


  • Passenger Management System, e.g. Oracle (Fidelio)
  • Call Center solution
  • Alarm systems
  • Intercom
  • Sea-land-communication networks
  • Passenger service portal (webRTC services)
  • Maritime communication integration framework

Passenger communication

  • Passenger check-in and boarding, cabin device (tablets) provisioning
  • Passenger personal device activation for onboard services
  • Personalized passenger paging, event based communication
  • Passenger service requests, call center management
  • Passenger service portal, message boxes
  • Disembarking, check-out

Network Security / Administration

  • Communication service health status
  • Call routing
  • Alarming
  • VLAN support
  • Port management
  • Security monitoring

There are good reasons to trust Vodia Maritime Solutions:

Professional Cruising Services

Vodia’s solutions are purpose-built for the maritime industry and offer outstanding integration capabilities.

Robust architecture

Backed by robust architecture, high quality software code and minimal hardware and network requirements, Vodia ensures the highest availability and scalability at sea.

Operational Flexibility

Choose to operate Vodia’s Maritime Server in every desired operation model and platform which suits best.

Privacy and Security

Vodia prioritizes privacy and security by design, addressing critical risks and legal restrictions.


Vodia provides certifications for professional setup and operation of its maritime solution. Vodia also provides professional services if a third-party certification is required.


Vodia’s team comprises experts who combine technological proficiency with profound maritime knowledge to help you maximize the potential of your maritime communication solution.


Vodia is not just a solution provider but a networking company. We foster long-term relationships with our partners, such as integrators or managed service providers, maintaining long term relationships.

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