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Softphone for the iPhone

Convert your iPhone or iPad into a VoIP phone that works from where you have Internet access. You can use it in tandem with your VoIP phone, or just standalone. Do not disturb is controlled from the device and from the server, making sure that employees are not called outside of working hours.

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iOS native app

Your VoIP phone is with you

Vodia iOS app uses CallKit introduced in iOS 13 for communicating with the PBX. This makes sure that the Vodia app coexists with other voice apps on the iPhone, making multiple calls with different apps work perfectly. It works so well you might not miss your desktop phone any more.

It supports dark mode

Not everyone might find this useful, but the supporters of dark mode will definetelly enjoy it.


Drop an IM to a colleague, or reply to a business SMS on the go with a text or an image. This app has it all.

Call controls

Just because it's an app, doesn't mean you can't do whatever your desk-phone does.

Everything you need from a VoIP phone on a mobile device

The size of the display is different than the size of the desktop but that does not mean you can take care about your business communication needs from there.

Call transfer

Transfer a call to a colleague or any other number on the fly. iOS app provides a smooth and intuitive way to accomplish blind and attended transfers.

Address book

Access your PBX address book from the app to call or message any contact. To make calls to contacts of your phones address book, simply do it from there and choose the Vodia app to make the call. Use the iOS address book to call through the Vodia iOS app.


We understand how important it is to be able to be notified and access voicemails on the go. Every time you open the app you can see how many new emails there are, and of course you can listen to them right away.

IM & SMS history

SMS is becoming one of the most convenient ways of communication, and business is no exception. Since we strongly believe the "work from anywhere" movement, we also believe it is important to separate work and personal time while allowing the most convenient ways of contacting businesses. No need to get a dedicated business phone to manage SMS, it all can be done though all Vodia sofphones.

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