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Work from anywhere on your iPhone

Convert your iPhone or iPad into a VoIP phone that works from anywhere—at home, outside or in the office. If you like, use it in addition to your desktop phone. Or just use it standalone. Internet access has become so widely available that it works practically from anywhere.
If you have a bluetooth headset you will enjoy the superb audio quality provided by Apple with your hands free. And if you have long commutes, use your car Bluetooth to talk with customers and coworkers while you are on the road.

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iOS native app

Take full advantage of iOS

With the introduction of iOS 13, Apple provides a framework that ensures that apps are sharing the call subsystem equally. Calls on the Vodia app are treated the same like calls on your favorite chat platform or your native phone application. Apple has built a tremendous audio subsystem that delivers audio quality even in difficult environments like never experienced before. We happily take advantage of that and make it available to your business calls.

Vodia iOS App dark mode

Dark mode

Designed as a native iOS app, the Vodia app supports the dark mode for those who generally prefer it or those that are temporarily working in a dimmed environment. You will be pleasantly surprised how responsive the app is. After all, it is a native app written from the ground up specifically for the Vodia PBX.
Vodia iOS app text screen

Text messaging

Sending text messages has become as important as the phone call. The Vodia iOS app supports sending internal messages as well as sending messages through an SMS/MMS provider. Conversations are kept on the server and can be continued by another agent if needed.
Vodia iOS app call controls

Call controls

Just because it's an app, it does not mean you can't have multiple calls. You can receive additional calls while talking, mute calls, hold them and transfer them to other calls or numbers like you would from a desktop phone. It  works well for most day to day tasks.

Everything you need from a VoIP phone on a mobile device

The size of the display is different than the size of the desktop but that does not mean you can take care about your business communication needs from there.

Vodia iOS app transfer screen

Call transfer and redirection

Transferring a call is the one feature that would would from every phone system—and the app that comes with it. The Vodia iOS app makes it easy to hold a call and transfer it. You can choose to transfer it to another call that you are holding. This will make sure that the caller gets safely to the right person. But you can also transfer without having another call if you are sure that the transfer will work, for example into someone's mailbox.
You can set call redirection right from the app. If you prefer not to be disturbed, you can set that for some time or permanently. And if you are out in the woods with poor data connectivity, you can disable app calling and have the PBX call your good old cell phone number.

Address book

Access your PBX address book from the app to call or text any contact. To make calls to contacts of your phones address book, simply do it from there and choose the Vodia app to make the call. You can also add address book entries—both for you personally and if are assigned administrative permissions, for your organization.
If you prefer to use your device address book, you can also set the contact to use the iOS app instead of the native dialer. Calls that you made though the Vodia app appear in the device call history like all other calls that you made.

Vodia iOS app contacts
Vodia iOS app voicemail


The Vodia iOS app shows the messages in your voicemail. When there is a new voicemail available, the app will get notified from the server even when it is not running.
You can play the messages back, fast forward or backward, delete the message or see the text preview of the message if your PBX was set up for the voice-to-text feature.
You can still call into your voicemail through the app if you want to comment on messages before sending it to someone else or create group voice messages.

Text messages

Text has become one of the most convenient ways of communication, and business is no exception. Since we strongly believe in "work from anywhere", we also believe it is important to separate work and personal time while allowing the most convenient ways of contacting businesses. No need to get a dedicated business phone to manage text, it all can be done though all Vodia sofphones.
The Vodia PBX will notify users about new text messages when the app is not running and iOS will show a preview of the messages without the need to open the app.

Vodia iOS app text messages