When productivity is key

Maintaining rock solid stability through high levels of activity. Architectured and engineered to deliver maximum performance to hundreds or thousands of users in one place, or dispersed geographically

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Providing critical in-house services

Tools for successful deployments

Weather you aim to run your telephone system in your own private cloud, public cloud or in the LAN, the Vodia PBX comes with the flexility that addresses even the most complex setup scenarios for a stable operation.

Teams Integration

Vodia PBX provides a way for a smooth integration with Microsoft Teams and allows for calls as between members as to any number. And of course any call to extension can be redirected to Teams account.

Data Location

Weather you a recording calls or are just storing call data records — all data stays on your server under your control. This dramatically simplified compliance requirements and reminized dependance on external service providers.

Queue management

Operate in-house call centers using the Vodia PBX agent groups. This will leave the professional impression to outside callers and provides the insights to the ACD managers to manage the teams. Yet its simple enough to set this up without being a call center expert.

Windows for Business Store app

In corporate world it's common to limit access to Windows Store for all the company users. That's why we have released our Softphone into the Windows Business Store.


Replacing logo is so simple and yet adds personality to your deployment. For customers who wish to take it further, we offer unlimited possibilities for Softphone and Admin panel customization.

Onboarding process

Learning curve for complex systems like any PBX takes time and we at Vodia understand it. That's why besides support and documentation we also offer webinars, personal sessions and our engineers to help you learn the system.

Automation is key

Tailored telephony solution

Most productive companies are using automation where ever possible. That is why the Vodia PBX comes with a large range of possibilities to integrate telephony into office processes. Its easy to trigger HTTP requests when a call comes in, an emergency number was called and many more events. Or drop your own JavaScript backend code into the PBX and do whatever needs to be done when something happens. If you like, you can link your in-house CRM system perfectly with the PBX.


Public cloud

Pick whatever tickles you funny: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and many more that offer Linux or Windows in the cloud. We even have ready to go Digital ocean instance that saves you the minute for installing the PBX.


Private cloud

Deploy system to your local system and keep all the data in the house. It can be run on standard servers, physical or virtual. Setting up the PBX service means running just another service in your rack.

option 3

Ready to use hardware

If there are a lot of small offices in the company, consider deploying Vodia IO or IOP in the remote locations. They can be still managed through the same web interface like the big systems, which reduces the training requirements in the company.

Where to run the Vodia PBX

Many ways to get started with us

We at Vodia understand the diversity and need of our clients so we offer the most versatile solutions for deploying Voice systems. Besides options to run our software on software on various OS, we also offer an unprecedented range of deployment options.

we are always there for you

Not sure how to get started

Getting started with telephone system can get  overwhelming rather quickly with all the information and options available out there. We at Vodia are always happy to talk to you and help you to get started by yourself, or connect you with on of our partners.

The best part, we offer a free 60-day license for you to try our solution to get familiar with it. No credit card needed as we only set the payment once you are ready to go live and use our platform.

Free 60-day license for
you to try our solution
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