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The Vodia Phone System marks the first and most crucial step in digitally transforming your enterprise. As the ideal Small Business Phone System, installation is both simple and painless. Transitioning your SMB phone system from a legacy "landline" to a Cloud PBX facilitates seamless collaboration among your team members, regardless of their locations. This ensures your customers experience a smooth and easy-to-navigate call journey.

Every member of your organization can use their smartphones as office extensions without having to share their personal phone numbers. Call control features guarantee that they won't receive calls beyond business hours. This Small Business Phone System equips you with all the tools and features expected in an enterprise-grade voice solution, all at a fair and affordable price tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. Easy to configure and admin, user-friendly, and with world-class features and apps for everyone.

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Create Your Own Feature Set

You can mix and match our features to create the most optimal solution for your SMB. Recognizing that every business is unique, operating on its own scale, we offer a diverse range of features and implementation methods.

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Automatic Call Distribution routes incoming calls to specific groups of agents. Callers are placed in a queue before connecting to an agent, ensuring that no incoming calls are lost to busy signals or unanswered phones.

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Ring Groups

A hung group is a set of extension numbers embedded inside a single virtual extension. Incoming calls rotate through the pool of extensions until someone answers and the caller is connected with an agent. 

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Softphone Apps

The Vodia iOS and Windows apps enable users to use the telephone system from anywhere with an internet connection, whether in the office, at home, or on the road… The apps are available for free.

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Your customers should be able to contact you through a variety of channels, including texting. Our system is fully equipped for SMS/MMS, ensuring the privacy of your personal phone beyond business hours.

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Service Flags

Service flags give companies flexible methods for handling callers who call after normal business hours, including night service, voicemail (with email notification) and recording of important information. 

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Utilize our branding options to showcase your company's logo, customize email templates or adjust the appearance of the web interface. There are endless possibilities to control the caller's experiences.

Every Company is Unique

A Tailored Telephony Solution for SMEs

Most productive companies are using automation wherever possible, which is why Vodia PBX provides them with a broad range of possibilities for integrating telephony into office processes. It's easy to trigger HTTP requests when a call comes in, dial an emergency number, and initiate many more events, or integrate your own JavaScript backend code into the PBX to perform tasks as needed. You can also seamlessly link your in-house CRM system with our PBX.

Vodia Telephony Solution - HTTP, CRM,  Emergency Calls
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Choose the cloud platform that suits your preferences, whether it's AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or one of the many that offer Linux or Windows environments in the cloud. Additionally, we provide a hassle-free, ready-to-go DigitalOcean instance that saves you time on PBX installation.

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Deploy the Vodia PBX on your local system and keep all your data in-house. Our phone system can run on devices as small as Raspberry PI or on larger standard servers, physical or virtual. Pick what works best for you.

Where to Run Vodia PBX

Choose Your Ideal Deployment Method

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At Vodia, we understand the diverse needs of our clients, so we offer the most versatile solutions for deploying voice systems. We offer a number of options for running our software on various OS, as well as an unprecedented range of deployment options.

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Not Sure How to Get Started?

Getting started with a telephone system can be overwhelming, given the abundance of information and options available. At Vodia, we're here to help. Reach out, and we'll guide you through the process or connect you with one of our outstanding partners.

The best part? We offer a free 60-day license for you to familiarize yourself with our solution. No credit card or upfront payment is needed; we only charge you once you're ready to go live with our platform.

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