Vodia PBX telephone system

Designed for productivity

A business phone number has always been a must-have for businesses, and it still is. Vodia PBX brings the phone system into the modern workplace. It was designed to address the requirements of a modern company, where employees need to communicate efficiently with internal and external parties via phone. 

Business and private.

Employees are working from home, from the office and from all sorts of other places; which calls for a better separation of private life from business hours. Employees use business phone caller-ID when working and their private identities when not, just as they do with email and everything else, even on the same device. The Vodia PBX helps schedule business hours and separates them from your employees’ personal lives.  

Productivity counts

Payroll is expensive, and you want to make sure your company gets the most productivity out of your team. The Vodia PBX reduces time finding the right person - it can even help reduce the number of calls from SPAM callers. Integrations into the business process save time for employees, and this makes the Vodia PBX one of the best investments you can make in productivity tools. 

Sounds good.

When customers call, you want to make sure your business makes a good impression. Calls are transferred to the right person, even when that person is working away from the office, and when your callers are on hold they hear music and messages that support your brand. We give you the same range of functions available to big call centers at a fraction of the cost. 

Works on all the modern  devices

We live in an app world - there are desktop and mobile apps for practically any device. This provides unprecedented mobility and even helps reduce costs. When using a headset with our mobile apps, the audio quality matches or even exceeds the quality of desktop phones. 

You can use the Vodia PBX through a standard web browser without having to install an app: users can change settings, schedule conference calls or set their devices.

The Vodia PBX Android client is available from Google Play and runs on all major Android systems. The app supports calling, putting calls on hold, transferring calls and texting (SMS).

Our iOS app is the latest addition to our fleet of softphones. Make and receive call, listen and manage voicemails, message you colleagues all with the our own iOS app.

Designed for 24/7

Running a phone system is different than running a CRM system: voice delay is critical, and downtime shouldn’t result in lost calls or increased admin costs. The Vodia PBX was designed for this purpose from day one and has been meticulously maintained to operate 24/7


With the Vodia PBX, you can communicate with clients on their cell phones and seamlessly switch between voice and text messages. Customers will see only one number, which makes it easier to promote your business number. The history remains on the server, so employees can resume conversations with colleagues with their personal devices.
Choose what fits best for you needs

SIP ecosystem

Leveage the large amount of SIP devices out there, including desktop phones, overhead speakers, door phones and many more. You can talk between them and the Vodia apps. The Vodia PBX generates the provisioning data for many of the devices automatically, saving you the work for configuring them and avoiding frustrations with interoperability. Choose from a large number of predefined SIP trunks that help you terminate your voice traffic into the public telephone network or set up your own SIP trunks.


Everything that you can do through the web interface you can also script through the Vodia REST API. This makes it possible to integrate the PBX as a component into business processes and makes the Vodia PBX extremely flexible.
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