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Welcome to the World of Communication Excellence in Hospitality!

Vodia is proud to introduce you to a world where communication takes center stage in the hospitality industry. We recognize that effective communication plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional guest experiences and leaving lasting impressions. It also cultivates trust among guests, ultimately resulting in recurring revenues.

Understanding Guest Needs is a Communication Process

In today's fast-paced world, communication has become more than just exchanging words; it is about understanding needs, anticipating desires, and providing personalized service. Our website is designed to equip hospitality professionals with the necessary tools and skills to excel in this crucial aspect of their work.

Whether you are a hotelier, a front desk professional, a concierge, or anyone involved in the hospitality industry, the Vodia Communication Platform offers functionality to enhance your communication capabilities. From practical functionalities, platform operations to comprehensive training modules, we have curated a collection of industry-leading insights to help you master the art of communication in hotels.

Vodia's Expertise in Applying VoIP Services to Hospitality

Our Vodia hospitality expert group features know-how by seasoned professionals who have excelled in the field of hospitality communication. You will find valuable advice on selecting the most suitable hotel phone devices, building rapport with guests, handling hospitality service situations with finesse, and effectively resolving sales requests.

Tailor-made Hospitality Solutions From Vodia

We understand that every hospitality establishment is unique, and communication needs may vary. That's why Vodia also offers customizable communication templates, allowing you to tailor your interactions to your brand's voice and style. From welcome messages to complaint resolution emails, our phone system for hotels has you covered. Integrating with Vodia's Hotel VoIP Phone System ensures consistent and exceptional communication at every touchpoint.

Join us on this journey towards communication excellence in hospitality. Explore the Vodia Communication Platform and the way it can be integrated in your business, unlock your potential, and elevate your guest experiences to unprecedented heights. Together, let's redefine the standards of communication in the world of hospitality.

Welcome to the world of communication excellence in hospitality!

Integration in Hospitality Processes is a Key Success Factor

We provide fundamental expertise on how to integrate the Vodia Communication System in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of hospitality processes.

The Vodia Phone System hospitality solution provides interfaces to all major Guest Management Systems (PMS), e.g. Oracle Hospitality Suite, former Fidelio, Protel, Casona, Citadel, Shiji and  Logotel.

With our unique integration framework we can even make the unexpected happen: the integration along all main hotel processes, including:

Guest &Staff Communication

Seamless Check In & Checkout

Guest Service

Sales Call-Center

There are Good Reasons to Trust Vodia's Hospitality Solutions:

Professional Hospitality

Vodia’s solutions, purpose-built for hospitality, seamlessly integrate with PMS software, ensuring optimal efficiency and an enhanced guest experience.

Robust architecture

Backed by robust architecture, high quality software code and minimal hardware and network requirements, Vodia's Hotel Phone System ensures the highest availability and scalability.

Operational Flexibility

Choose to operate Vodia’s Hospitality Phone System solution on-premise, through a Managed Service Provider (MSPs) or allow Vodia to manage it for you.

Privacy and Security

Vodia prioritizes privacy and security by design, addressing critical risks and legal restrictions within your Hotel PBX System, ensuring a secure and compliant environment for hospitality operations.


Vodia provides certifications for professional setup and operation of its hospitality solution. Vodia also provides professional services if a third-party certification is required.


Vodia’s team comprises experts who combine technological proficiency with profound hospitality knowledge to help you maximize the potential of your hospitality communication solution.


Vodia is not just a solution provider but a networking company. We foster long-term relationships with our partners, such as integrators or Managed Service Providers, maintaining long term relationships.

Still not convinced?
Here are a few more reasons to trust Vodia


CRM Integrations


VoIP Phone Models


SIP Trunk Profiles




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