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Who wants to sit on an island without communication functions when business success depends on successful communication?

With the Vodia communication system, you create the basis for successful communication with your customers and business partners.

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Discover 6+1 Reasons Why Vodia Perfectly Satisfies Your Integration Goals

Vodia integration is the perfect fit for your business. Seamlessly integrate with your workflows, bolster digital communication processes and retain complete control over your communication infrastructure.

Optimize Your Business Processes with Integrated Communication Functions

Vodia integrates perfectly into your everyday operations, no matter where and how they take place. Vodia connects you to your business.

Digital Transformation Requires Digital Communication Processes

Is your company undergoing a digital transformation? Don't forget about communication! The Vodia communication system integrates communication functions into your digital processes. This means you can easily trigger digital communication or event-controlled processes; trigger or control digital processes with communication functions.

Integrating Communication Functions Turns Your Company into a “Superhero”

With the Vodia communication system, your digital sales process is prepared for success. Deploy Vodia and build your customers’ trust in your products and services.

Combine Multiple Communication Channels and Control All of Your Communication

With Vodia you have communication under control, no matter which channel your customers choose to contact your company.

Better Communication Supports Your Processes

The Vodia phone system retains all of your communication content. It can then be processed further when necessary.

AI Integration

AI continues to facilitate and transform the way we communicate. With the Vodia communication system you are perfectly prepared for the use of AI in communication processes.

Control and Manage Business Communication

With the Vodia communication system you retain full control over your communication processes and procedures. All communication is logged, and results can be further processed. It’s a flawless way to manage business communication.

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Standard and Custom Integrations to Help Your Business Succeed

Users can activate many integrations themselves, as Vodia Communication System integrations are pre-built and can be activated independently by admins. For application developers who want to implement deeper integration, we provide API and webhooks. DevOps can use our integration options in system management and monitoring environments. Software developers can implement individual integrations with the Vodia Integration Framework and, if necessary, the Vodia development team can also implement these integrations.

Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, Desktop and Web

Stay Connected Anywhere and Everywhere - with Everyone

Vodia’s Mobile VoIP Clients give you unmatched communication flexibility. We make it easy to keep your team connected by supporting remote collaboration and increasing productivity with Android, iOS, desktop and web apps. The Vodia Communication System knows no boundaries.

Vodia's Web App brings the power of your IP-PBX to your browser, allowing you to make and receive calls, manage your voicemails and access other PBX features from anywhere with an internet connection. Add custom code with no limitations.

The Desktop App extends the functionality of your Web App, offering a standalone application that runs directly on your computer and can run in the background. The app offers advanced features like notifications, instant messaging, and more.

The Vodia PBX Android App seamlessly integrates your PBX with your smartphone and is available from Google Play. The app runs on all major Android systems and supports calling, putting calls on hold, transferring calls and texting (SMS).

Empower your mobile workforce with iOS App, a powerful tool that extends your PBX capabilities directly to your iPhone or iPad. Stay connected, manage calls and handle voicemails with ease, all from the comfort of your mobile device.

Using Vodia Integrations in Daily Operations

Easy access to communication functions

  • Login with passkeys
  • Integration of the user portal into intranet solutions for employees
  • Single sign-on: OAuth with Google or MS 365 account data

Protect Your Investment in Your Existing Communication Infrastructure and Applications

  • Auto-provisioning of SIP telephones
  • Dial-in for video conferencing systems
  • Integration of alarm systems
  • Integration of call center solutions
  • Integration into collaboration platforms
  • Integration of DECT infrastructures
  • Integration of Microsoft Teams
  • Integration of user mobile devices

Simple user management

  • Connect to Microsoft Active Directory for automatic provisioning of users

Simplify contacts

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • CRM Integrations

Commence communication processes with ease and use your existing address books

  • Click-to-dial from Outlook
  • Synchronization of address books from MS365

Easier to manage users

  • Active Directory
  • LDAP

Communication functions that enrich your services and software

  • API for use in your own platforms and portals

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