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All in one softphone to make and manage calls

The Vodia desktop apps go far beyond what you know from traditional SIP soft phones. You can see the status of your coworkers, call or text them, see messages in your mailbox, see you call history, call recordings and even see what is going on in your ACD. And you can change your preferences in your PBX, like redirections, upload your profile image or timezone.

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Support for most operating systems


Available from the Windows store and the Windows business store, our app makes installation and updates as easy as it gets. As standalone app, it has access to Windows like only a Windows application has, including pop-ups and access to the audio devices.


The MacOS version is specifically designed for  desktop usage. It provides all the features that are available from the web front and are perfect for users that use their Mac while working with Bluetooth headsets.


User interface features

We always work to develop and include features that most valued by our customers. Here's the short list of what can be found in our desktop softphone app.

Calls & messages

Vodia softphone not just displays the list of calls and messages, but also provides all the necessary information about the call. Each new call and message will show a "new" tag so you know what happened while you were away or on the break.

Voicemail & recordings

View and play you voicemails from the app. When available, the soft phone will show your the text preview of messages. You can listen to messages through the interface or download them for sharing. When calls are automatically recorded, users and managers can listen to those recordings and also take notes. An audit log keeps track who accessed the recordings.

Address book & groups

Organizing and sorting through contacts can be a tedious process especially for a larger domains and systems. Address book can display additional information such as company, position, or any other custom information that can help to better identify contact. Internal extensions can be put into groups for better accessibility and management.

Automatic call distributon (ACD)

Absolute access to most important information of the ACD. Monitor agents and compare their performance for various durations. See the speed of answer, transfer, and abandon rates. CDR records show precise information about each call and more.

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