The importance of branding

We support your brand

Here in the digital age, branding is more important than ever. Whether users want to know whom they can speak with when they require assistance, or you want to promote your brand, even internally, the Vodia telephone system supports branding on a variety of levels. With Vodia, it's all about our resellers, and you can brand the apps, the web interface and emails. It's as simple as dropping in a logo or as in depth as changing the templates for the web front end and emails.

Speed of answer reports
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The end user experience

You control the appearance of the app

Vodia branding allows you to add a logo, change colors and add other visual elements to our web and desktop apps. And you don't need to submit apps to the various app stores - our app enables you to use your own brand with  just a few simple steps. We want to help our resellers satisfy their customers - this means not only do we want you to offer your customers our best-in-class phone system, but we make it so the entire experience is within your brand  

For the web-based client, you can change: login's screen background image, logo and button colors. In the interface: logo, 8 theme colors, font-size, hide elements based on group and access model. Add custom code with virtually no limitations

You can use the Vodia PBX through a standard web browser without having to install an app: users can change settings, schedule conference calls or set their devices - all from the browser.

The Vodia PBX Android client is available from Google Play and runs on all major Android systems. The app supports calling, putting calls on hold, transferring calls and texting (SMS).

Customer relationships are crucial

Build your brand

At Vodia we work closely with vendors and clients of all sizes, from "garage" startups to international enterprises. Adding a new product to your offering or simply switching to a new system can be a challenge: to help you retain customer loyalty and trust in your brand, we've made branding and customization core to our platform and easy to use.

Personal data

Your business, your brand, your clients, your data

Starting and growing a business from the ground up is always a challenge. Building your customer base, increasing brand recognition...this can take years of hard work. At Vodia we value and respect our partners' and their clients' privacy - that's why we don't collect or store customer data. You run your servers and you work with your clients - we are only here to provide you with the industry's best phone system, without any hassle and with a real, "human" vendor relationship and support.

Client software

Leave the R&D to us and concentrate on your business

With over 15 years in the industry and thousands of hours of research and development, we know the challenges that come with software development. This is why we offer branding as part of any license you purchase. We are a relationships-first company, and we are here to help you maintain and strengthen your brand.

Vodia's branding solution
Custom app development
User Interface
Customize web and desktop apps for each client, tenant or server. Add custom code; hide and show in access base principle UI components in minutes.
Full control of each aspect of the development, performance and visuals. It requires development, QA and troubleshooting.
Development cost
There's zero additional cost associated with our branding solution. And even when you do decide to add a custom solution, our engineering team is always within reach to assist you.
Be prepared to invest in development, maintenance and QA. This adds to business expenses and requires a dedicated full-time team of engineers
All the features we have are tested for compatibility and work seamlessly with our phone system. We always work closely and listen to our customers for ideas and feature requests. We release monthly updates packed with new features and ever-improving functionality.
Ability to add custom features is a great thing to have, but the time spent developing and rolling custom features into production is often very expensive and time consuming.
With our branding solution our phone system is ready hit the market in a matter of hours, simply log in to the admin panel, change the logo and adjust the theme colors - the product is now fully branded and ready for use by any client or customer.  
Software development is a complicated endeavor with numerous nuances and challenges at every turn. While the product might look custom-made, it's hard to determine how much time it will take to get to market and how much it will cost.
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