Android app

Android productivity

The Vodia PBX Android client is available from Google Play and runs on all major Android systems. The app supports calling, calls on hold, transfers and texting (SMS). Pairing is completed using QR codes.

an app for work from anywhere

Designed for speed and simplicity

There's no need to limit what you can do with the Vodia android app when you're on the move. Get and make calls, send and receive SMS and MMS, listen to voicemails and recordings - all from your mobile device.

Intuitive UI

Our Android app has a similar look and fell to the desktop and webrtc clients - it's incredibly easy to use.

Unified functionalities

Our Android app is packed with functionalities. Just because you're on the go doesn't mean you have to compromise.

Absolute control

Nothing is impossible with our Android app. We give you the ultimate control of your active calls: hold, transfer, ad-hoc record, mute, DTMF and speaker.
features that work for you

Putting you in control

The Vodia Android app gives users access to important information and makes it easy to make changes when necessary.

Never miss a thing

We understand you don't want to take calls outside work hours, but we understand you don't want to miss a thing - with our Android app, you won't, no matter where you are. Every time you open the app, you'll see a record of every call and message.

Seamless call transfers

With our Android app you can transfer your calls to an extension, to an address book contact, to a held call or to an outside number. To make things even easier, each option comes with a search field, in case you need to find a contact.

Address book

Access and manage the address book on the PBX right from the Android app. Or with permissions our Android app also displays your smartphone address book, so it's easier to reach anyone and everyone you want without having to switch to the native/desktop phone to make a call.

Text and image

Chat with your colleagues using built-in instant messaging, or configure the Vodia PBX to send and receive SMS and MMS and communicate with external extensions via SMS and MMS.