Post-paid model

Multi tenant licenses

Our multi tenant licenses address service providers run the Vodia PBX for their clients. These licenses are based on a metered, post-paid model wherein Vodia invoices every month based on how many extensions were used on a system or cluster. There are multiple advantages to this model

Becoming a service provider

The business model of the future

Operating a PBX is a complex task. Instead of operating a telephone system inside an organization, it is often much more efficient to use an outside specialist. This gives our partners the opportunity to assist companies, so these companies can focus on their core competencies.  
In addition to just running the PBX, additional services like integrating SIP termination, offering VoIP phones and business process integration adds great value to the offering. Most companies like to have the whole telephony package as a bundle. Depending on the setup, other services, such as general IT services, can also be added.
Our partners that understand this model have built up successful companies with customers that value their taking care about telephony for them. This is already the business model of the present.

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