multiple options for

On-premise solutions

For companies that prefer to operate the PBX on their own networks, Vodia offers multiple options for running the PBX in the LAN:

Own server

The Vodia PBX can be run on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Debian, CentOS and MacOS. It works on bare-bone, as well as in a virtual environment. 

Vodia IO

Our all-in-one device contains everything you need for a small office: LAN switch, WiFi, a DECT base station, two analog ports and Internet connectivity through Ethernet, DSL or an ONT module for fiber. 

Vodia IOP

Our PBX appliance is small but powerful - it provides everything you need to run the Vodia PBX in a small office in a form factor that is not much bigger than a credit card.

any os, any size, any location

Own Server

If you are already running servers in your network, running the Vodia PBX will add just one more server to your list. Choose the operating system you know the best and the server hardware you like the most - the PBX doesn’t require much in the way of resources. A standard server with a few GB of memory will be enough to host even demanding installations.
Your data stays on the server, which you operate - Vodia has no access to your server or to your data. In environments where compliance is important, this makes it much easier. If you are able to virtualize your server, you may be able to automatically fail over in the event of a hardware failure. This will make the PBX service even more robust during unforeseen events.Backing up data is easy. Just make a backup of the working directory of the PBX - it contains everything you need in case you have to restore the server. If you are using a network-based file system, you may be able to take advantage of versioning and going back in history. If you make a mistake, just roll back your changes

Hardware appliances

Our own on-premise solutions

All-in-one solution for small offices

Vodia IO

The Vodia IO addresses office with up to 20 employees with an all-in-one device that includes a router, WiFi, DECT, FXS and Ethernet. This is a great solution for shops, restaurants and small offices. It runs the same PBX software, providing the full range of features like the PBX in the cloud.

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PBX appliance for the LAN

Vodia IOP

A full fledged phone system no bigger than a deck of cards. It can be installed next to your router and provide a LAN PBX that offers all functions that you know from the cloud PBX. You can use it as your LAN PBX, or just use it with your existing IP-PBX as a overhead-paging system, or use it for your home as intercom system. The low power-consumption and small form factor is ideal for environments where there is no such thing as a server room or rack.

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