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Convenience of modern telephony, with the ability to easily scale the system to changing needs. If you are looking for an integrated solution to provide telephony, Internet and Wi-Fi for your office, you have come to the right place.

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Most popular SOHO features

Vodia PBX has features suited for anyone else. This all can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate combo to fit the needs of any business.

Auto Attendant

Will help to direct customers to the right person, inform them about working hours or provide any other important information without having to repeat that all the time yourself.

Email notifications

It's important to keep track of the phone system even when you are not around. Our PBX can be set up to send calls, voicemails and fax notifications. We also send system reports.


With the increasing popularity of texting it is important to allow customers to get in touch with you. And of course keeping your private phone private when you are off the clock.


Just like your cellular voicemail, but can be managed from Softpone client. And of course, we will notify you with the email, so you can stay up to date.

Softphone apps

All the apps are free for all Vodia clients. We have both desktop: for Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as mobile: for Android and iOS.

Work hours

With the increasing popularity of home office it's more important than ever to separate personal time and work time. Work hours feature does exactly that.

vodia io & iop

The all-in-one communication solutions

Vodia IO and Vodia IOP make it easier than ever to roll out a modern IP-PBX. On Vodia IO, the WLAN router sports an integrated dedicated, proven Voice-over-IP telephony system, a DECT base station (for connecting cordless phones) and FXS ports (for connecting analog phones or faxes). It is based on the Intel® router platform and represents one of the most reliable Internet/WLAN/telephony solutions. Vodia IO can be used with modern SIP phones, analog phones, smartphones, and it can even turn your Internet browser into a phone (with headphones and mic connected).

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Pick whatever tickles you funny: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and many more that offer Linux or Windows in the cloud. We even have ready to go Digital ocean instance that saves you the minute for installing the PBX.


On premises

Deploy system to your local system and keep all the data in the house. It can be run on devices as little as Raspberry PI or standard servers, physical or virtual. Pick what you like the most.


Ready to use hardware

If you prefer to use dedicated hardware, we can offer you a small, preinstalled PBX appliance (Vodia IOP) or even a complete router (Vodia IO). This is a great solution for small offices that need the PBX on premise but don't want to run a PC server.

Where to run the Vodia PBX

Many ways to get started with us

We at Vodia understand the diversity and need of our clients so we offer the most versatile solutions for deploying voice systems. Besides options to run our software on software on various OS, we also offer an unprecedented range of deployment options.

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