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Microsoft Teams Integration

Whether you are using an external SBC or the Vodia built-in SBC, integrating Vodia PBX with Microsoft teams opens up new possibilities in office communications. You can integrate devices that are not supported by Teams but supported by the Vodia PBX into the network, use the overhead paging capabilities of the PBX, use the simple group calling in the PBX or just add extra extensions that will be used only for telephony.

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Vodia & Microsoft Teams®

From the Vodia PBX point of view, Microsoft Teams is special SIP trunk that can send and receive calls from Teams. When calling an extension in the PBX, the PBX will automatically include the Teams extension in the call, ringing VoIP phones, Teams devices and apps all at the same time. On incoming calls, calls from Teams will appear as if they originate from a PBX extension.
Teams users can call not only other extensions on the PBX. As with every extension, calls can go to agent groups, hunt groups, paging groups, star codes and external numbers. Teams extensions can also be part of an agent group or hunt group for inbound call routing.
If you prefer using a Microsoft-certified SBC, just put this SBC between the Vodia PBX and Teams. The PBX will then use the trunk to that SBC instead of the trunk to Teams. Everything else stays the same.
The Vodia PBX automatically generates a LetsEncrypt certificate that can be used with the Teams trunk and is usually accepted by Microsoft Teams. But you can also upload a certificate that is listed by Microsoft.


Keep your existing VoIP Phones

The Vodia PBX supports a large range of VoIP devices, DECT phones, door phones, analog adapters (ATA) and paging devices. In many deployments, companies will be able to keep their existing VoIP phones, allowing cost savings for the rollout and purchase of new devices. For users with cell phones, installing the free Vodia app is a simple way to connect those users.

integration benefits

Integration Features

When paired with Teams, the Vodia PBX together with the help companies create, collaborate, and celebrate their work with each other by connecting everyone through the organization.


Vodia extensions can be a mirror of the Teams extensions, so that devices on both systems will ring simultaneously and users can pick up calls at the same time. Users can use VoIP phones, their cell phones, browsers, Vodia apps or any other device that uses the SIP protocol. But extension can also be standalone, extending the range of extensions in the organization outside of Teams.

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Hunt and agent groups

Microsoft Teams members can belong to hunt groups or agent groups, along with receiving and making outbound calls all from the Vodia PBX. This makes the Vodia PBX routing features also available for Teams groups, and generate the reports through Vodia various reporting mechanisms for analysis. Calls can automatically be recorded, even when the user connects the call on Teams.

SIP phones

Vodia supports a very large range of devices on various interoperability levels. For most devices, the PBX automatically generates the provisioning data, which makes integration easy for administrators. Vodia also works with a large range of soft phones, further extending the range of devices that can be brought into reach of Teams users.

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Ultimate flexibility

The Vodia PBX has grown a large feature set over its more than 15 years of history which becomes accessible from Microsoft Teams. The customization possibilities on the front end and backend further extend what can be done from the Microsoft Office product.


Phone numbers can be assigned to Microsoft and Non-Microsoft extensions through the Vodia PBX using the Vodia’s DID management list. Vodia flexible routing and number presentation schemes apply also to Teams extensions, further extending what can be done with Teams.

Economical solution

Vodia turns Teams into an attractive solution for hotels, retirement homes, transportation companies and other places where there is a mix of typical office users and users that just need telephony services.

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Step by Step Video Tutorial

Prepared by our engineering department to show how easy it is to get started with Microsoft Teams integration and Vodia PBX.