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August 30, 2023

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August 30, 2023

Teaming up with PromptVoice, Vodia resellers can easily deploy auto-attendant, in-queue, and on-hold audio solutions at scale, opening doors to new, profitable, and recurring earnings. The on-demand recording of the Vodia-PromptVoice webinar from June 20, 2023, "Differentiate Vodia with PromptVoice’s Innovative AI Voicing Solution" explains how MSPs can provide potent Customer Experience (CX) tools through the Vodia PBX.

PromptVoice is the telecoms channel’s partner for professionally recorded prompts, in-queue and on-hold audio. Using powerful AI integrations, PromptVoice writes bespoke scripts and pairs them with tailored voices and music choices, enabling UC and CC providers to offer top quality recordings in over 50 languages.

In partnership with PromptVoice, Vodia resellers can easily deploy auto-attendant, in-queue and on-hold audio, at scale, to secure new, high-margin, recurring revenue. The Vodia – PromptVoice June 20, 2023 webinar, “Differentiate Vodia with PromptVoice’s Innovative AI Voicing Solution,” which explains how MSPs can deliver powerful CX tools with the Vodia PBX, is now available on-demand: www.promptvoice.com/vodiaondemand

PromptVoice Brand Studio

CX is a key business focus, but why does this matter to the telecoms channel? A recent survey of almost 2,000 business professionals found customer experience is the number one focus for almost 46 percent of businesses1. How can telecoms and IT resellers take a share in their spend?

A phone system is much more than a call routing technology: for almost every business it’s a critical customer touch point, if not the most critical. PromptVoice’s 2020 study revealed callers to SMEs spend 20 percent of call time on hold; as the provider of their telephony infrastructure, you determine how your customers can utilise this time.

Deploying the Vodia phone system with PromptVoice helps your customers improve their CX. Callers need easy-to-navigate IVR menus, genuinely informative comfort messages and relevant marketing messages. The Vodia PBX facilitates the calls your customers make and receive, and your service wrap ensures your customers’ systems are delivering everything your customers need. But you’re also in full control of the tools your customers can use whilst their callers are in-queue or holding. Expanding your portfolio to include CX tools creates the chance for you to scoop up margin previously left on the table for CX consultants to grab.

Professional prompt recordings from PromptVoice create truly useful IVR menus, so callers quickly reach the right person to resolve their query. And informative and sincerely empathetic in-queue messages help direct callers to other communication channels that may be better suited to their query, helping to reduce caller frustration. This increases customer satisfaction and slows customer churn.

PromptVoice bespoke audio recordings also keep callers informed of known incidents or outages – if the water supply to one postcode area is temporarily disrupted, the water company can use an instant recording to let callers know they are aware of the outage, making it so callers phoning to report this incident don’t have to sit in long queues.

Using PromptVoice’s integration APIs, your customers can order prompts from any webpage you choose and implement them directly to your platform. CX tools become a native part of your platform and it becomes very easy for users to see direct improvements in CSAT/NPS scores and ROI from their investment in your phone system:

  • Once a caller is waiting in queue, they are a captive audience for promotions and marketing messages. 
  • Playing marketing messages to waiting callers keeps them updated with new products, offers, promotions and events.  
  • Engaging and delighting customers has helped numerous businesses increase sales.  
  • 93 percent of customers surveyed said they would be likely to make an additional purchase with companies who offer “excellent experiences.”2

It’s estimated consistent brand presentation can increase revenue by an average of 23 percent, so it’s not surprising to discover 81 percent of global brands drawing on localised marketing cite communicating a consistent brand message as a top organisational priority.3 Are your customers based on the West Coast, Canada or in central Europe? Our bank of 300+ professional voice artists makes it easy to sound local wherever a company operates. 

PromptVoice delivers the bespoke audio recordings that help grow your customers’ brands across multiple channels. Pairing the phone system you provide, especially if it’s Vodia, with PromptVoice, gives you a huge opportunity to snap up new monthly revenue. What’s more, our selection of world leading AI voices ensures your customers are able to access all these benefits around the clock.

Watch our on-demand webinar to find out more: www.promptvoice.com/vodiaondemand


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