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May 21, 2024

Real Telecom, is a Canadian company specializing in Business Voice Communication (BVC) services. Partnering with Vodia, Real Telecom delivers cloud phone systems that enhance communication productivity for businesses across various sectors. Real Telecom's expertise spans, among others, to healthcare, manufacturing and management. In the supply chain sector, Real Telecom uses Vodia's platform to manage communication between customers and staff across different channels, resulting in both cost reduction and improved communication quality. The company emphasizes customer service and takes pride in offering BVC solutions tailored to each client's specific needs.

Real Telecommunication Corporation (Real Telecom) was founded by owner and CEO Rashid Jamalalldeen in 2005 in Burlington, Canada (southwest of Toronto) to develop telecommunication products and services that enable people to communicate virtually anywhere. The company’s mission is to help its customers focus on operations while providing high quality, reliable and flexible Business Voice Communication (BVC) service. Real Telecom has been a Vodia partner since before we became Vodia, back when our company was known as “pbxnsip” (we were in love with the SIP protocol in those days).

“I consider every customer’s business a living entity,” Rashid says. “These businesses are places where creativity happens, where communication builds trust with customers and vendors, as well as amongst colleagues. I have long believed voice communication is the best medium for enabling creativity, developing relationships and addressing the emotional component inherent in any discussion a business has with its stakeholders. Since its inception, Real Telecom has developed products and services for businesses to create environments where this type of communication can take place.” 

Rashid has nearly 40 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry. Prior to founding Real Telecom he served as a C-level executive at a number of industry stalwarts, including AT&T. Throughout his career, Rashid has followed his vision to make it so people can communicate “from anywhere to anywhere.” To this end he has developed products, solutions and profitable companies in Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and North America. 

An ardent fan of the Vodia cloud phone system, Rashid has provided Vodia hosted PBX services to businesses across a wide array of industries. “Our focus is business productivity, and we use the Vodia phone system to provide exactly the PBX service each of our customers requires.”  

In the healthcare sector, Real Telecom has installed our phone system at clinics, dental offices and laboratories. “The flexibility of the Vodia PBX enables Real Telecom to provide a bespoke PBX for each customer, a PBX that enables optimum communication productivity between physicians and their patients and staff.” Real Telecom supports its healthcare partners by adapting the Vodia platform as their needs change. For many of these providers, the deployment of Vodia reduced their telephony spend by up to 60 percent, as opposed to traditional PSTN-based services (including the cost of support and maintenance). 

For its customers in the manufacturing sector, Real Telecom provides these organizations with Vodia PBX services that enable multiple locations to share the same PBX and to integrate with MS Teams to ensure easy, seamless communication between the factory floor and management and support teams. “This solution has been very successful, as more and more Teams users switch to Vodia PBX extensions,” Rashid says. “All of them now mainly use the Vodia PBX trunk for inbound and outbound calls.”

In the supply chain sector, one of Real Telecom’s major customers is using the Vodia platform to manage all communication between customers at each of their channels and the staff servicing each of these channels. Why? Rashid is convinced customers want to communicate exclusively with people who know them and can address their concerns and meet their needs. “We created the necessary PBX environment to manage three channels via the same PBX, and the results have been impressive. Communication costs have been reduced while the quality of communication has improved, both of which have increased productivity.”

Real Telecom has also deployed the Vodia phone system on behalf of companies in food and beverage, immigration services, law, logistics and transportation. “As our customers outsource their voice communication services to us, we take care of keeping it up-to-date and making all the features they need available,” Rashid says. “The flexibility and quality of Vodia’s software makes it so we can give our customers the most productive PBX configurations - configurations tailored specifically for their businesses.”

Real Telecom is just one of the dedicated, innovative and truly outstanding partners we work with worldwide. Looking to find a partner to help you deploy the industry’s most feature-rich, powerful, robust and secure phone system? Get in touch with us, sales@vodia.com, +1 (617) 861-3490,

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