Vodia PBX Call Center Codes

Published on:

June 16, 2023

Vodia PBX offers a wide array of call center codes that can streamline your operations and enhance your team's productivity. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the various call center codes provided by Vodia, enabling you to harness the full potential of this robust communication tool. Whether you're looking to improve call handling, set up call forwarding, or looking to enhance your call center's performance, this guide will empower you with the knowledge and expertise needed to make the most of Vodia PBX's call center codes.

Making Calls:

  • Redial: *66 - Automatically redials the last dialed phone number.
  • Call Return: *69 - Returns the call to the most recent incoming number. 

Transferring Calls:

  • Transfer: *77 - Initiates a call transfer to another extension or phone number.
  • Call Park: *85 - Parks a call on a specific call park extension for later retrieval.
  • Retrieve Parked Call: *86 - Retrieves a call parked on a specific call park extension.
  • Call Pickup: *87 - Allows you to pick up an incoming call ringing on another phone within your call pickup group.


  • Activate Voicemail as Email: *95 - Enables voicemail messages to be sent to your email as audio attachments.
  • Deactivate Voicemail as Email: *96 - Disables the forwarding of voicemail messages to your email.
  • Go to Voicemail: *97 - Directly access your voicemail box to listen to voicemail messages.
  • Record New Greeting: *98 - Records a new voicemail greeting message.
  • Clear Voice Message Indicator: *99 - Clears the indication of new voicemail messages.


  • Conference: *53 - Initiates a conference call between multiple parties.
  • Show Account Balance: *61 - Displays account balance information.
  • Wakeup Call: *62 - Schedules a wakeup call for a specified time.
  • Customer Originated Trace (CDR): *63 - Traces the details of a specific customer call.
  • Clean Up Extensions: *84 - Removes unused or disconnected extensions from the system.
  • Add to White List: *91 - Adds a phone number to the whitelist, allowing incoming calls from this number.
  • Add to Black List: *92 - Adds a phone number to the blacklist, blocking incoming calls from this number.
  • Add to Do-Not-Call List: *50 - Adds a phone number to the do-not-call list, preventing outgoing calls to that number.
  • Room Cleaned: *57 - Notifies the system a room has been cleaned and is available.
  • Set ANI: *59 - Sets the automatic number identification (ANI) for a call.
  • Echo Test: *56 - Performs an echo test to check audio quality of the call.
  • Recording:
    - Listen to Automatic Recordings: *58 - Allows you to listen to automatic call recordings.
    - Record On Key: *93 - Records the current call.
    - Record Off Key: *94 - Ends the recording of the current call.


  • Call Cell Phone of the Extension: *00 - Calls the cell phone associated with the extension.
  • Retrieve Call from Cell Phone: *51 - Retrieves an ongoing call from the cell phone back and returns it to the desk phone.
  • Enter Cell Phone Menu: *54 - Accesses menu options for cell phone integration.
  • Move Current Call to Cellphone: *52 - Moves the current call from the desk phone to the cell phone.

Anonymous Calls:

  • Block CID (Activate): *67 - Blocks caller ID for the current outgoing call.
  • Block CID (Deactivate): *68 - Deactivates caller ID for the current outgoing call.
  • Block Anonymous Calls: *88 - Blocks incoming calls from anonymous or blocked numbers.
  • Deactivate Blocking of Anonymous Calls: *89 - Disables blocking of incoming calls from anonymous or blocked numbers.

Call Center:

  • Agent Login: *64 - Logs agent into call center queue for receiving calls.
  • Agent Logout: *65 - Logs an agent out of the call center queue, halting the reception of calls.
  • Call Barge In: *81 - Allows a supervisor or authorized user to barge in on a call.
  • Teach Mode: *82 - Allows a supervisor or authorized user to provide assistance or training during a call.
  • Mix Audio In: *83 - Mixes audio from an external source into a call.
  • Listen In: *83 - Allows a supervisor or authorized user to listen in on a call.
  • Queue Outbound Calling: *55 - Queues outbound calls for later automatic dialing.

Call Forwarding:

  • Hot Desking: *70 - Enables hot desking, allowing you to log in and use any phone as your own.
  • Activate Call Forward All: *71 - Activates call forwarding for all incoming calls.
  • Deactivate Call Forward All: *72 - Deactivates call forwarding for all incoming calls.
  • Activate Call Forward on Busy: *73 - Activates call forwarding when your extension is busy.
  • Deactivate Call Forward on Busy: *74 - Deactivates call forwarding when your extension is busy.
  • Activate Call Forward on No Answer: *75 - Activates call forwarding when there is no answer from your extension.
  • Deactivate Call Forward on No Answer: *76 - Deactivates call forwarding when there is no answer from your extension.
  • Set Night Mode for Group Accounts: *80 - Sets the system to night mode for group accounts, changing call handling rules.
  • Activate Do Not Disturb (DND): *78 - Activates DND, redirecting incoming calls to voicemail.
  • Deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND): *79 - Deactivates DND mode so incoming calls ring your extension.

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