Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker of cutting-edge software-based telephone systems, is pleased to announce Version 68 of the company’s cloud PBX is finished and has been released. The release notes are available at

New Back-End and Front-End Features Now Available

Webinar Scheduled for 23 September 2021

Burlington, MA – September 15, 2021 – Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker of cutting-edge software-based telephone systems, is pleased to announce Version 68 of the company’s cloud PBX is finished and has been released. The release notes are available at

Vodia will host a webinar to take distributors and resellers through Version 68 on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT. Register here to attend:

What can users expect from 68?

  • Changes have been made to the naming convention: “multi-tenant” has become a well-known word for hosting multiple clients on one system, so they are now referred to as “tenants,” and “hunt groups” have been renamed “ring groups,” while “agent groups” are now “queues.” Inside the tenant the scope is more within the tenant – for example, the address book is now called “the shared address book” instead of “the domain address book.” These changes will gradually find their way into different languages and into the documentation.
  • Version 68 also brings a lot of new features to both the back end and the front end. Over the last six months there was an increase in web front end and PC app users – it’s likely the pandemic was a major factor here and, consequently, it was necessary to bring the front end to the next level. The parking and pickup of calls has been redesigned, the queue view has been improved and new functions specifically for the queue manager have been added.
  • On the back end, the queue report email has been redesigned and now provides charts of agent activity for the day, week, month or quarter. Groups have been introduced to address the bulk management of permissions like most user interfaces do today.
  • Email can now be set up with just a Vodia email address. This is optional, as users can still use their own servers, but the company wanted to simplify the setup process, especially for smaller installations, e.g., with the Vodia IOP. The IOP software update interface has been improved and now shows the administrator when the files have been written to the SD card and it’s safe to restart.

“We listened to requests from our distributors and resellers and worked tirelessly to accommodate them, and we’re sure Version 68 is another milestone in the history of the Vodia PBX,” said Christian Stredicke, CEO of Vodia Networks, Inc. “We believe it’s the industry’s finest, most robust and resilient and easy-to-use cloud PBX, and we continue to improve it. We thank our partners for being part of our continued success, and we hope you’ll continue to reach out to us and let us know what you think of 68.”

“Version 68 is the next iteration of our cloud PBX, the most robust, feature-rich PBX available, a full UC suite for resellers worldwide,” said Kyle Asbury, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vodia. “As with our previous versions, our channel partners can brand their own cloud – including AWS – and PBX. Our pricing is per individual seat license, which means high-margin, recurring revenue for resellers – we give them the key, and from thereon it’s self-hosted. Version 68 is replete with numerous back-end and front-end improvements and, coupled with our complete training and deployment support, this is a great opportunity for resellers to jump in. I want to invite everyone to join us for our September 23rd webinar and take a look under the hood of 68. It’s truly impressive.”

About Vodia Networks, Inc.

Vodia Networks has been a trendsetter in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry for over a decade. Since 2006, Vodia has led the VoIP world in innovation and forward-thinking development, particularly with its early adoption of a multi-tenancy platform for its customers – Vodia was the first company to offer a true multi-tenancy platform and it remains one of the very few companies that can deliver it. Vodia’s multi-tenancy platforms are compatible with an unprecedented number of technologies, including desk phones, softphones and APIs for numerous third-party SW and CRM systems.

The company’s Vodia Phone System is an award-winning, software-based office phone system that replaces any traditional proprietary hardware PBX. Vodia Phone System has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows/Linux and the SMB market, making it easy to install and manage. The system is based on the open SIP standard, so it works with any SIP-based VOIP provider, VOIP gateway or phone. It comes with easy-to-use, built-in customizable templates for resellers looking to add extra value and visibility to their offerings. Options like these make Vodia the best choice for resellers looking for a pain-free administrative experience while increasing the potential for larger revenue streams.

Vodia also develops and provides leading-edge software for Unified Cloud Communications, which is trending significantly on a global scale. Vodia’s products and services – including Vodia IO, Vodia IOP and Vodia Single Tenant or Hosted PBX Software – position the company as a provider of solutions for practically every business communications need. Vodia maintains a global presence, with offices in four countries – localized information is available in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa. For additional information please visit


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