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Revolutionizing Managed Cloud Communications: A Rival5 Success Story with Vodia

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February 6, 2024

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February 6, 2024

Rival5 Technologies, has led Managed Cloud Communications since 2011. Transitioning from Enswitch to Vodia, they found flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Vodia's per-seat licensing and customizable software met their diverse client needs seamlessly. Deployment was easy and personalized technical support solidified Vodia as their preferred choice. This success story highlights Vodia's transformative potential for businesses seeking robust cloud phone systems.

Rival5 Technologies Corporation ("Rival5"), based in Mokena, IL, has been at the forefront of transforming the landscape of Managed Cloud Communications solutions since its establishment in 2011. Partnering with a variety of businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions – 75 percent of its business – and other entities, Rival5 has consistently changed the way businesses communicate. Rival5’s turnkey approach provides a robust, simple telecommunication solution, enabling its customers to focus on what they do best. Known for its impeccable customer service, Rival5 brings in and supports traffic over existing internet connections and data networks. This eliminates separate circuits, routers, or the need to recreate topologies while providing end users with the most innovative telephony available.

Seeking to enhance a customer’s telecommunication infrastructure, Rival5 sought a solution that not only met their evolving needs but also empowered them to deliver unparalleled services to their diverse client base. The decision to transition from their previous PBX to the Vodia Phone System was driven by the quest for flexibility, customization and a more cost-effective model. As the need for personalized and scalable communication solutions became paramount, Vodia emerged as the catalyst for customer transformation, ensuring customers could seamlessly adapt to the dynamic demands of the industry.

Here's a brief rundown of the Rival5 customer installation of the Vodia Phone System.

1.  What was your customer using prior to Vodia?

Before embracing Vodia, they were using Enswitch, a softswitch for commercial carrier and enterprise telephony services. They couldn’t give us pay-per-seat subscriptions unless it was on a scale mostly too large for our customers, which are school districts and medical offices - many of these family-owned. We were also dissatisfied with the availability of features our customers wanted, and we couldn’t customize or develop the software ourselves. Vodia gives us a per-seat license, instead of an enterprise PBX license, as well as the ability to customize and develop the software. We also love its seamless multi-tenant features.

2. How would you describe your experience deploying Vodia?

Easy and intuitive. We came from the first iteration of Vodia, Pbxnsip, then Snom One, then Vodia. Vodia has enabled us to scale our PBX offerings in parallel with the growth of our company. Quite simply, we’re not paying for anything we don’t use. This is an absolute plus.

3.  What’s your favorite feature?

We love that we can pick a specific type of seat that’s reflected in the available feature sets and/or the permissions to the extensions. We’re also quite pleased with the back end, in terms of pricing.

4.  What’s the key reason you’d recommend Vodia to other customers?

Personalized technical support – we get the same service from Vodia we pride ourselves on providing to our customers. Vodia is nimble, and everyone at the company knows who we are and what we do. The Vodia team is always ready to help us in any way we need. These guys are devoted to the channel.

If your customers are in search of an easy-to-use, fairly-priced, feature-rich, robust and secure cloud phone system, the Rival5 success story is a testament to the transformative potential awaiting them. Reach out to us at or call us at +1 (617) 861-3490 to explore how Vodia can elevate your communication infrastructure.

About Rival5

Rival5 Technologies Corporation (Rival5) is a Mokena, IL-based company that specializes in Managed Cloud Communications solutions. Since our founding in 2011, we have partnered with a variety of businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other entities to change the way they communicate. Our turnkey approach relieves the stress that comes with managing complex telecommunication solutions -- allowing organizations to focus on what they do best. 

About Vodia Networks

Vodia Networks, Inc. is a pioneering provider of B2B Cloud Communications Solutions catering to enterprises, contact centers and service providers. Vodia's PBX software boasts an extensive suite of business telephony features for on-premise and cloud-based systems and operates seamlessly across Windows, Linux or Mac platforms. Fully compliant with SIP industry standards, the Vodia phone system integrates effortlessly with a wide range of SIP-based devices and trunking providers, granting ultimate freedom in telephony. Vodia’s multi-tenancy platforms are compatible with an unprecedented number of technologies, including desk phones, softphones and APIs, for myriad third-party software and CRM systems. Our mission is to empower our partners and end-users with the world's best cloud PBX and personalized support to ensure their success at every turn. Visit Vodia on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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