Planning a Vodia Cloud Phone System Configuration

The evolution of your phone system from a legacy system to a cloud PBX gives you an incredible array of features, some of which aren’t available with a legacy system, as well as the possibility of reducing telephony costs by up to 80 percent.

Thinking about moving your phone system to the cloud? In manycases, you won’t have a choice come August 2022, when telecom services providers willforever retire plain old telephone service (POTS) lines, per the FCC, and their customerswill have to find another type of service. There’s never been a better time tomove to the cloud and leverage the myriad advantages it offers businesses ofany size. And there’s no better system to deploy than Vodia.

The evolution of your phone system from a legacy system to acloud PBX gives you an incredible array of features, some of which aren’tavailable with a legacy system, as well as the possibility of reducingtelephony costs by up to 80 percent. Overall, cloud phone systems make sureyour team can collaborate no matter where its individual members are workingwhile providing your customers with a seamless and easy-to-navigate calljourney. Let’s talk about what you’ll need to move to the cloud.

Extension Numbering

When installing your new cloud phone system, the first orderof business is a numbering plan to assign an extension number to each end user.Vodia supports numbering from two digits (20, 21, 22…) to five digits (20000,20001, 20022…). Extension assignments are the purview of the administrator, butSMBs often prefer two- or three-digit plans, while larger enterprises,particularly those with offices in more than one country, usually select four-or five-digit plans, to provide extensions to all users within theorganization. Vodia has “system extensions” set by default, and these can’t beincluded in a range of user extensions:

·        700– Conference Bridge

·        777– PIN protect IVR

·        888– Fax FXS/ATA

·        999– Voicemail

The Vodia phone system also includes “virtual extensions” forcall queues, digital receptionists and ring groups. These can be clustered in asingle range, such as 800 to 899, so you can hold 800 to 820 for call queues,821 to 840 for digital receptionists and 841 to 860 for ring groups.

IVR –Digital Reception

IVR, also known as digital receptionist/auto attendant, cancreate a multi-layer system for callers to connect with a desired department/extension.Your company’s culture will dictate if calls are immediately answered by arepresentative or agent or routed through digital reception. Either way, everylevel within your system must have an extension number, so you’ll need toconsider this when putting together your numbering plan.

Ring/HuntGroups – Call Queues

Hunt groups are used to distributeinbound calls to agents and are typically used for simple, low call volume groups. The PBX callsthe agents in stages, making it possible to escalate calls to more and moreextensions; if the call does not get picked up, it will ultimately be sent to aprogrammable destination – this can be an internal resource, like a mailbox, oranother group, or an external number.

Call queues, however, give even the smallest of SMBs theopportunity to give callers an enterprise-level call experience. Call queuesgive you:

·        Differentpolling strategies

·        Specificmusic on hold and intro prompts

·        Queueposition announcements

·        Callbacks

·        Agentwrap-up time

·        SLAtimers and reports

·        Queue-specificqueue recording

Vodia gives you numerous insightsinto your queuewhich you can use to make decisions pertaining to how callers experience yourorganization, how long they wait to speak with an agent, how long they speakwith an agent, etc.

The Most Feature-Rich Cloud Phone System, Period.

Since our company’s inception, we have empowered andsupported numerous businesses worldwide, both small and large, by providingthese organizations with our best-in-class cloud and on-premises IP PBXtechnology. The Vodia phone system comprises the most complete suite of robustbusiness telephony features for on-premises and cloud-based telephony,including auto attendant, SMS, paging, separation of personal and work calls,conference calls, call recording, CRM integration and Microsoft Teamsintegration. You can find a comprehensive list of featureshere.

Our award-winning software turns any mobile phone, laptop,tablet or PC into a VoIP client employees can use for their everydaycommunication needs, from anywhere, anytime. Our proprietary,built-from-the-ground-up PBX offers true cloud multi-tenancy, integrations withMS Teams, FreshBooks, Zoho, HubSpot and Salesforce, SMS, a desktop softphoneapp and Android and IOS mobile apps. If you’re looking for a feature-rich,rock-solid solution for your organization, Vodia makes it possible to work fromanywhere and keep your team seamlessly connected and collaborating, today andtomorrow. We’d be delighted to put you in touch with one of our outstandingresellers. Contact us,

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“Our company has been using 3CX for all our client phone systems before I got here. It has been nothing short of an absolute nightmare,” said Liz DelSignore, DTM, PCM and Technician at Hexis Consulting. “Since switching to Vodia, once the initial set up is complete (whether multi-tenant or single tenant), it has been a much more pleasant experience. Support is always there for you when you need them, and they genuinely will do everything possible to help your MSP. Being a pretty small MSP ourselves, that matters a lot – to both us and our customers. We recommend Vodia to literally every MSP that even asks about VOIP and PBX now.”

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