How to Interdomain Dialing on the Vodia Phone System

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July 14, 2023

Vodia offers the capability to dial other tenants within the system using full NANPA numbers, extensions, or extension alias numbers. To access this feature, a multi-tenant license is essential, empowering you to establish multiple tenants within the system, each resolving to its designated domain. This functionality streamlines communication and fosters an interconnected network within the Vodia Phone System, ensuring efficient and flexible calling across tenants.

Vodia gives you the ability to dial across the phone system to other tenants with a full NANPA number, or an extension, or an alias number for the extension. To use this feature you will need to be running the multi-tenant license; this will enable you to create multi-tenants and have them resolve to that particular domain. For those who know the Vodia PBX well, here's how to set it up properly.  


Dial Plans 

Vodia uses its dial plan to call outbound - usually paired with a SIP trunk but, in this case, we will use the "Loopback" mode”


Optional: You could deploy the same dial plan you already have on the system, but you will still need to create the "Loopback" in your dial plan. 

If you want other users to be able to dial across domains, you will need to create the entry in the dial plan; if it's a global dial plan you can just create it there. 

Assuming you already have some entry information in your dial plan, you will need to specify the preference. 

Order of Operation 

Your dial plan has to be clear: do you want to dial another tenant number without the leaving the SIP trunk? If so, you will have to define when you want the call to terminate to a SIP trunk. 

In our test, if anyone dials a tenant number, it should go to a local SIP trunk which points to the local IP; in this case it's (see below). 

As you can see, I have created a dummy number on on extension 4001; in this screenshot extension, 4001 from calls number 781-555-6666 on

Try the following:

Step create a SIP trunk and rename it. Here are the settings you will need to activate: 

  1. Name to interdomain "keep it simple" ;) 
  2. Type: SIP Gateway
  3. Global Enabled 
  4. Inter-office - Trunk settings set to yes 
  5. Dial plan for outbound calls: here you can choose any dial plan; for now we will need to create a new dial plan, so let's continue building the trunk 

Registration settings 

  1. Under proxy enter  
  2. Routing/Redirection as is

Number / Call Identification 

  1. Request: URI "let the system decide" which is the default
  2. From "Based on incoming call" 
  3. To " Same as Request - URI
  4. Remote-Party-ID "Based on incoming call" 
  5. Everything else stays as default.
  6. Save.  

Dial plans

For the dial plan, you can create a new plan or use your existing one. 

For the Trunk: use "Try Lookback"; for the pattern use * and pattern * 

You will need to go back into the SIP trunk and choose the new dial plan under the setting "Dial plan for outbound calls"  

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