FCC Adopts New Rules to Close Robocall Loophole

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January 3, 2024

The FCC recently closed the "lead generator" loophole to address the widespread issue of unwanted robocalls. New rules now mandate explicit consumer consent for robocalls, restricting each call to a single seller. This move is a response to the FCC's recognition of robocalls as the top consumer complaint. The FCC can now flag and block specific numbers, and telemarketers are prohibited from texting numbers on the U.S. Do Not Call Registry. Vodia's phone system stands out as an effective tool to minimize spam calls and enhance communication efficiency.

Last month the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took steps to spare American consumers the daily inundation of unwanted robocalls by adopting new rules to close the “lead generator” robocall loophole. These unwanted calls have become the top complaint from consumers to the FCC, and the FCC has issued this guidance for people seeking an end to – or at least a major decrease in – unwanted robocalls and robotexts.

The most significant of the new rules for consumers makes it so a single consent no longer applies to numerous telemarketers simultaneously: lead generators and comparison-shopping websites must have consent from consumers to receive robocalls and robotexts, and these calls and texts must be sent one seller per call or text.

Per these new rules, the FCC will now be empowered to “red flag” certain numbers; this process will require mobile carriers to block texts from these numbers. The FCC will also make it illegal for telemarketers to send texts to numbers on the U.S. Do Not Call Registry.

“We need to find every way we can under the law to stop these junk robocalls and robotexts from reaching us on our devices, and because scam artists are nimble we need to regularly update our policies to stop this stuff from coming over the line,” said FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. “We make clear that when the Federal Communications Commission identifies a number sending this junk, carriers must block texts from that number before they reach your phone.  Likewise, we make clear the national registry to prevent unwanted calls applies not only to calls but also to texts.” 

What can enterprises, SMBs and other organizations do to protect themselves from spam calls and texts? The Vodia phone system gives you a quiver of options to defend your organization from robocalls and robotexts, and by deploying the Vodia phone system you can minimize the number of spam calls your organization receives. We will gladly help you create a more efficient, peaceful, productive and secure communication environment while reducing your overall telephony costs. Find out more – contact us at, or call us directly at +1 (617) 861-3490.

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