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Blue Sky Technologies: Successful Installation of the Vodia Cloud Phone System at Primm Tax Services

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June 1, 2022

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June 1, 2022

Vodia is thrilled to present a case study about the successful installation of our cloud PBX at Primm Tax Services by Blue Sky Technologies in the reseller’s hometown of Jonesboro, AR.

June 1, 2022 – Vodia is thrilled to present a case study about the successful installation of our cloud PBX at Primm Tax Services by Blue Sky Technologies in the reseller’s hometown of Jonesboro, AR.


Founded in Jonesboro, AR, in 2014, Blue Sky Technologies has become the Mid-South’s leading technology provider of choice. Blue Sky designs, deploys, manages and supports complex technology solutions that improve outcomes for customers and drive profitability. The company also augments its clients’ teams as needed with design, engineering and on-site technical support or installation to accomplish technology initiatives on time and within budget.


Primm Tax Services is a CPA business that has provided bookkeeping, tax preparations, filing and routine accounting for individuals and businesses in the Jonesboro area for the past 13 years. Primm was looking to replace its outdated phone system, and several area businesses recommended they reach out to Blue Sky Technologies.


Not only did Primm Tax Services have an outdated system, the company was also operating without any modern features such as caller ID, call transfer, voicemail, auto attendant and or multiple lines; Primm was also running two businesses out of an office with only one phone line in and out of the office.


Upgrading Primm to the Vodia cloud phone system, the most feature-rich cloud phone system available, gave the company access to voicemail accounts, caller ID, multiple lines and the ability to expand and add extensions to the phone system. Customer satisfaction and employee efficiency and productivity have increased.

You can read the case study here.

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