Watch how Jeff uses the Vodia PBX to provide hosted services to his clients.

Learn how the Vodia Multi-Tenant PBX is the #1 one PBX for MSP and ITSP. Full feature PBX for the growing managed provider or a valuable add-on to any Telco solution.

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Vodia Enabled Call Waiting

The Vodia cloud PBX gives end-users the ability to service more than one caller simultaneously – it’s a native feature with our phone system. Our PBX comes with agent groups which are equipped to handle higher call volumes and sequentially distribute calls. Callers can receive a call back when it’s their turn, instead of holding. Agents can log in and out of the queues, and managers can see service level measurements like speed of answer.

March 9, 2022

“My Smartphone for Business Calls? – No Way!” But Why Not?

The Vodia app also makes it so you can set business hours, for the entire company or for individual employees, all within the PBX. This means no one can call an employee late at night or on a weekend or holiday. This is a key requirement for many employees, who worry using their smartphones means receiving work calls at all hours.

March 9, 2022

The Summer of Hybrid/Remote Work and Why You Need the Vodia Cloud Phone System

With all this 21st century technology and the many “work from anywhere” requirements it satisfies, what about your phone system? For many of your clients and customers, your company’s phone number is the most direct and simplest way to engage with your organization. If your system is a traditional PBX, those old-fashioned wires make it so you’re anchored to your office if you want to make and receive calls, but there’s no need for this – you can move your entire phone system to the cloud!

March 9, 2022