Vodia to Attend Channel Partners Conference and Expo 2021

Vodia is pleased to announce we will be at booth 1560 for Channel Partners Conference and Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, November 1 through November 4th.

September 30, 2021 – Vodia is pleased to announce we will be at booth 1560 for Channel Partners Conference and Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, November 1 through November 4th. We have just released Version 68 of our award-winning cloud PBX, and we look forward to discussing all of 68’s new features and improvements with current and potential resellers.

“Version 68 is the next iteration of our cloud PBX, the most robust, feature-rich PBX available, a full UC suite for resellers worldwide,” said Christian Stredicke, CEO of Vodia. “As with our previous versions, our channel partners can brand their own cloud – including AWS – and PBX. Our pricing is per individual seat license, which means high-margin, recurring revenue for resellers – we give you the key, and from there on it’s self-hosted.”

“Version 68 is replete with numerous back-end and front-end improvements and, coupled with our complete training and deployment support, this is a fantastic opportunity for MSPs to jump in,” said Kyle Asbury, Director, Sales and Marketing, Vodia. “We want everyone at Channel Partners to stop by for a look under the hood. We’re proud of what we accomplished – we’re certain there isn’t a better cloud PBX available on the market, and we’re looking forward to showing it off at Channel Partners.”

Vodia is a relationship-first company – we empower our partners to be their own phone companies by giving them a software platform they can use to build their own package and brand their own cloud and PBX:

  • Our pricing is per individual seat license for high margin, recurring revenue
  • Vodia is a multi-tenant pioneer and was 5G ready from the get-go
  • Our software isn’t open-source – resellers get a proprietary code
  • SBC is built into our software for direct routing
  • We provide complete training and deployment support

Visit Our Team at Booth 1560

We will be giving away travel mugs and t-shirts to everyone who stops by for a demo. To arrange a demo or a meeting with our team at Channel Partners, either at our booth or outside the expo, please reach out to our VP of Communications, David A. Porter,

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