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March 17, 2022

Based in Stoneham, MA, northwest of Boston, Microsoft Gold Partner and the U.S. home of anynode SBC, IT pioneer TE-SYSTEMS has been on a mission for three decades “to globally connect all devices while enabling unified ways of sharing data, information and making it accessible to everyone.”

Based in Stoneham, MA, northwest of Boston, Microsoft Gold Partner and the U.S. home of anynode SBC, IT pioneer TE-SYSTEMS has been on a mission for three decades “to globally connect all devices while enabling unified ways of sharing data, information and making it accessible to everyone.”

This Vodia partner’s story begins before any of us were using email. Founded in 1990 by Tobias Erichsen in Wolfsburg, Germany, the home of Volkswagen, TE-SYSTEMS developed ISDNTalk, the first Windows-based answering machine software; this was followed six years later by ISDNVoice, a professional IVR with a graphical user interface.

The company gained VoIP protocol expertise with its next significant milestone, XCAPI, developed in 2003. XCAPI makes the change to IP technology extremely simple and easy to use: it’s software – in place of hardware – for phone calls (landline or mobile), email, voicemail,  SMS, fax, conference calls and process applications. The development of XCAPI was a major contributor to the creation of anynode SBC, TE- SYSTEMS’ flagship product, which was released in 2012; in 2020 the company added features to anynode, including 4.0 Multi-Tenancy, Local Media Optimization and REST API-support.

anynode is an entirely software-based Session Border Controller enabling multiple SIP-Endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly. It works as an interface for any number of SIP endpoints, including SIP phones and SIP PBXs, and for SIP providers. anynode converts port and directory information, provides secure connections, routes session traffic, and integrates LDAP directories, as well as digit manipulation of call numbers. It’s Microsoft Teams certified and “dead easy” to deploy and use.

“Our configuration wizard has numerous options to help to shape different scenarios and make installation extremely easy,” says Enrique Amaro, Business Development Director USA, APAC & LATAM at TE-SYSTEMS. “It takes just a few steps to connect SIP providers with your SIP-PBX, and with anynode and MS Teams direct routing you can configure a single SBC for multiple tenants. The signup process for new tenants is fast and simple, and each tenant can be configured with reusable connection settings and certificates.”

TE-SYSTEMS’ core values are honesty, innovation and transparency, all in service of providing unified communications to all of its customers and partners. Vodia is proud to be a TE-SYSTEMS partner.

“Vodia exemplifies industry leadership, and the innovative chemistry between TE-SYSTEMS/anynode and Vodia inspires great teamwork and collaboration,” says Edwin Oyakhilome, TE-SYSTEMS, Inc. SVP of Business Development. “At TE-SYSTEMS, we believe in teamwork, and working with like-minded companies like Vodia has made it possible for us to deliver exceptional products to both customers and partners, so they can accelerate their growth with the benefits and features the combination of anynode and Vodia brings to any enterprise. It’s always great to collaborate with professionals who pride themselves on delivering the best to their clients.” To find out more about TE-SYSTEMS and anynode, anynode@te-systems.de.

The Vodia PBX comprises the most complete suite of robust business telephony features for on-premise and cloud-based telephony, including auto attendant, SMS, paging, separation of personal and work calls, conference calls, call recording, CRM integration and Microsoft Teams integration. If you’re looking for an integrated solution to provide telephony, Internet and Wi-Fi for your organization, contact us, sales@vodia.com.

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