Vodia Networks and IONOS Announce Strategic Partnership

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September 21, 2023

Smart voice communication remains crucial for efficient and effective business processes, even in the era of messaging and video calls. The partnership between IONOS and Vodia offers a comprehensive and secure cloud communications system for various customer segments, including existing IONOS business customers, small-to-medium-sized companies, and software providers.

Smart voice communication is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes – this is still the case, even today with SMS, MMS and video calls. For companies to deploy smart voice communication, they need a reliable and powerful communications platform. 

We wanted to make the offer as simple as possible, an “all-round, worry-free package,” and Vodia and IONOS have put a package together so customers and partners no longer have to worry about the security of their operations and, instead, can concentrate on robust, secure communications. The result is a Vodia cloud communications system deployed from the secure IONOS data centers in Germany.

The IONOS – Vodia cloud communications system offer is designed for three different types of customer:

  • current IONOS business customers can book the offer and communicate quickly and professionally anywhere on their landline network and in combination with mobile communications
  • small-to-medium-sized companies and enterprises looking to provide easy-to-use, profitable business communications services to their customers
  • software manufacturers and SaaS providers looking to expand their offerings with feature-rich, robust business communications services  

This is also a value-added service for IONOS business customers. These customers can now book professional Vodia communications services via one of the industry’s most powerful communications platforms, in addition to the web services, data center services and managed file sharing offers IONOS already provides. This makes it even easier for business customers to communicate productively with their customers and partners, even if they lack IT expertise.

A Solid Foundation for Managed Service Providers (“MSPs”)

For IT services providers to business customers, the IONOS – Vodia offering comprises powerful, profitable and sustainable business service opportunities. Vodia developed its Vodia Business Platform, in tandem with its cloud communications platform, and combined it with IONOS cloud services, to simplify business communications for MSPs as much as possible.

Easily Integrate Communications Features into SaaS Offerings

SaaS platforms provided to business customers can now easily integrate IONOS – Vodia language services into their packages. We use an integration framework for this purpose, one that integrates with practically any web services. This builds integrated solutions for business customers for even more efficient business processes and easier management day-to-day.

Legal Certainty

The IONOS – Vodia offering has been designed to be legally compliant, and all IONOS servers are operated exclusively in Germany in certified data centers. Vodia's role as a registered communications service provider gives IONOS - Vodia customers even more legal certainty; on request, certificates can be provided proving the legally-compliant operation of these communications services. If external certification is necessary, we can provide you with appropriate support as a professional service.

Future-proofing: Preparation for AI Integration

AI has already brought immeasurable change to business communications and it will continue to do so at a faster pace and greater scale. AI creates significant potential by linking with just about any communications service: the IONOS - Vodia package has been designed for whatever changes await your organization’s business communications.

About Vodia Networks GmbH

The Vodia PBX was developed in 2005, when there was no scalable cloud PBX available to MSPs to host. Since then, Vodia has equipped thousands of businesses worldwide with the latest cloud and on-premise IP PBX technology. The Vodia PBX offers professional voice, video and chat functions of outstanding quality. Our system was developed and programmed entirely in-house, so it offers little attack surface for malware. Thanks to our multi-client capability and integration framework, almost any work process can be optimized and integrated. Vodia Networks GmbH is a registered communications manufacturer with the Federal Network Agency and a member of the BVMW.


IONOS is the web hosting and cloud partner for small and medium-sized businesses. We are experts in IaaS and offer a portfolio of solutions for the digital space. As the largest hosting company in Europe, we manage more than 8 million customer contracts and host over 12 million domains in our own regional data centers in the US and Europe.

Reliability and security are engineered into the core of our products. Our data center network delivers optimal performance and geo redundancy. With headquarters in Germany, we rely on a solid mix of state-of-the-art technology, strong privacy policies and airtight data security. Unique to the industry, we offer a dedicated customer service agent to every customer.

Proud of its heritage, IONOS will continue its mission: to make powerful technology work for everyone, and to deliver the best of cloud computing. For more information, please visit

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