Burlington, MA – December 9, 2021: Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker of cutting-edge software-based telephone systems, is pleased to announce it has successfully completed interoperability with anynode, a software-based Session Border Controller (SBC) that enables multiple SIP-Endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly. Vodia’s best-in-class cloud PBX is now part of the anynode configuration wizard: anynode makes it possible to connect to Microsoft Cloud with nothing more than a SIP Trunk and the anynode SBC.

The Vodia PBXIs Now Part of the Anynode Configuration Wizard


Burlington, MA – December 9, 2021: Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker ofcutting-edge software-based telephone systems, is pleased to announce it hassuccessfully completed interoperability with anynode, a software-based SessionBorder Controller (SBC) that enables multiple SIP-Endpoints to communicate withone another seamlessly. Vodia’s best-in-class cloud PBX is now part of theanynode configuration wizard: anynode makes it possible to connect to MicrosoftCloud with nothing more than a SIP Trunk and the anynode SBC.

The anynode SBC is an entirely software-based solution thatworks as an interface for any number of SIP UAs, including SIP phones, SIP PBXsand SIP providers – it converts port and directory information, providessecurity, routes session traffic and performs manipulation of call numbers.The anynode configurationwizard offers numerous options to shape different scenarios and make installationextremely easy; it only takes a few steps to connect SIP providers with aSIP-PBX and, with Microsoft Direct Routing and anynode, users can connect with almost anytelephony trunk or interconnect with a third-party PBX.




With the Vodia PBX and anynode, organizations can now addresslarge requirements from the Teams side and from the classical PBX side,” saidKyle Asbury, Director Sales and Marketing, Vodia. “The Vodia PBX can be runon-premises, operated by the organization itself, or it can be run in amulti-tenant environment as a service, so organizations don’t have to operatethe PBX themselves. This especially makes sense with Office 365, and anynodegives you everything you need to connect with nothing more than a SIP trunk andthe anynode SBC. We are thrilled to be part of anynode’s configuration wizard,thanks to TE-Systems, whose team understands the value of strategic partnersand collaboration.”

“anynode SBC is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams andZoom Phone System and not platform dependent – it can be deployed on prem andin the cloud,” said Edwin Oyakhilome, SVP of Business Development, anynode. “Withanynode multi-tenant feature, we needed a strong and reliable PBX to go withour user friendly and easy configuration wizard, and Vodia is the perfect fitto interop with our wizard. Vodia has been the pace setter when it comes tomulti-tenancy and innovative technology in the Unified Communication world, andthis interop is a true game changer.”

“Vodia’s PBX becoming part of the anynode configurationwizard will allow providers to easily spin up SIP trunks with a couple ofclicks,” said Enrique Amaro, Business Development Director USA, APAC &LATAM, TE-SYSTEMS. “This will save time and allow providers to maximize theirprofit and leverage opportunities. We are excited about this solution andlooking forward to more cutting-edge solutions.”

About anynode

anynode, asoftware-based Session Border Controller (SBC) that enables multipleSIP-Endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly. anynode works as aninterface for any number of SIP endpoints like SIP phones, SIP PBXs and SIPproviders. It converts port and directory information, provides secureconnections, routes session traffic, integrates LDAP directories as well asdigit manipulation of call numbers. The company maintains offices in Stoneham,MA (near Boston) and in Wolfsburg, Germany. For more information, please visit




BusinessDevelopment Director USA, APAC & LATAM





About Vodia Networks, Inc.

Vodia Networks has been a trendsetter in the Voice overInternet Protocol (VoIP) industry for over a decade. Since 2006, Vodia has ledthe VoIP world in innovation and forward-thinking development, particularlywith its early adoption of a multi-tenancy platform for its customers – Vodiawas the first company to offer a true multi-tenancy platform and it remains oneof the very few companies that can deliver it. Vodia’s multi-tenancy platformsare compatible with an unprecedented number of technologies, including deskphones, softphones and APIs for numerous third-party SW and CRM systems.

The company’s Vodia Phone System is an award-winning,software-based office phone system that replaces any traditional proprietaryhardware PBX. Vodia Phone System has been developed specifically for MicrosoftWindows/Linux and the SMB market, making it easy to install and manage. Thesystem is based on the open SIP standard, so it works with any SIP-based VOIPprovider, VOIP gateway or phone. It comes with easy-to-use, built-incustomizable templates for resellers looking to add extra value and visibilityto their offerings. Options like these make Vodia the best choice for resellerslooking for a pain-free administrative experience while increasing thepotential for larger revenue streams.

Vodia also develops and provides leading-edge software forUnified Cloud Communications, which is trending significantly on a globalscale. Vodia’s products and services – including Vodia IO, Vodia IOP and VodiaSingle Tenant or Hosted PBX Software – position the company as a provider ofsolutions for practically every business communications need. Vodia maintains aglobal presence, with offices in four countries – localized information isavailable in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa. Foradditional information please visit


Kyle Asbury, Director ofSales and Marketing

David Porter, VP ofCommunications






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