The Vodia Phone System and Your Mobile-First Strategy

In tandem with our cloud PBX, the Vodia app, available for Android and iOS, neatly and simply separates private and professional conversations. The app connects to your office phone system via a QR code, which is scanned in the app – once the QR code is scanned, all of the staff member’s office settings in the PBX are now included in the smartphone OS, and anything you could have accomplished with a desk phone in the office or with the softphone on your desktop can now be done with your smartphone.

The Vodia Phone System and Your Mobile-FirstStrategy

With so many companies now deploying remote and hybrid work models, one of the most significant changessince the commencement of the pandemic is the ongoing growth of mobile trafficfor business – this growth is expected to continue apace as small businessesand enterprises continue to hire and expand dispersed teams, with more and morework activities, from calls and emails to video conferences, taking place viasmartphone. The Vodia phone system is designed to work seamlessly withsmartphones in any configuration your organization has arranged for youremployees: on-site, hybrid or remote.

In tandem with our cloud PBX, the Vodia app, available forAndroid and iOS, neatly and simply separates private and professional conversations.The app connects to your office phone system via a QR code, which is scanned inthe app – once the QR code is scanned, all of the staff member’s office settingsin the PBX are now included in the smartphone OS, and anything you could haveaccomplished with a desk phone in the office or with the softphone on yourdesktop can now be done with your smartphone. With both incoming and outgoingcalls, your office number appears on yourscreen, but your personal number remains private. For callers, there’s no differencebetween reaching someone on your team at the office or on his or her smartphone,while your employees can reach customers and vendors, and each other, withrobust, simplified cloud communications. Voicemail? Check. Call forwarding?Check. Hunt groups? Check. Address book? Check. CRM integration? Check! Withthe Vodia phone system and the Vodia app, every telephony feature your officephone system offers is now available on your team’s smartphones.

The Vodia app also makes it so you can set business hours, for theentire company or for individual employees, all within the PBX. This means no one can call anemployee late at night or on a weekend or holiday. This is a key requirementfor many employees, who worry using their smartphones means receiving workcalls at all hours. With our PBX and the Vodia app, it doesn’t.

How does it work? The owner of a surf shop, uses hissmartphone as his work number while at the shop and, after leaving the shop tocheck for waves, he connects his smartphone in his truck via Bluetooth andcontinues to make and receive calls from customers and vendors while driving –in the middle of one call, his sister calls him on his personal number, so heputs one of his vendors on hold to tell his sister he’ll call her back and thathe’s on his way to the beach; his vendor’s call, on hold, is on the storenumber, which he can put on hold to take his sister’s call on his personalnumber. It’s effortless to move back and forth.

After a few hours in the surf, our surf shop owner dries offand hops back in his truck and checks his work voicemail. One of the calls isfrom a customer who wants to make an appointment to look at some new surfboardsand has given the shop a few dates and times – our damp but happy surf shop ownermakes a note of the request in the shop’s CRM, then sends the customer a linkto sign up for an appointment the following afternoon via Microsoft Teams and an SMS to one of his shapers to remind himto be at the shop a half hour before the appointment.

The shop closes at 6 PM, but our diligent shop owner keepshis smartphone open for calls to the store until 7 PM, by which time he’s arrivedhome to shower and cook dinner, and he won’t receive any more business callsuntil 9 AM the next morning (so he knows anytime his phone rings it’s someonewho has his private number); if he does, these calls will be routed to his workvoice mailbox. He also has the option of receiving these voicemails as emails.

So yes, this is how we can help you implement a mobile-firststrategy at your surf shop. We can also do the same thing for any smallbusiness or enterprise, whatever your industry. But don’t take our word for it– here’s what some of our resellers say about our phone system:

-       “Wehave steadily been adding new customers every month since we started sellingVodia. I’ve tried a variety of hosted PBX solutions, and Vodia is that perfectcombination of easy- to-use and feature rich. The people behind Vodia genuinelycare about their partners, and their product, which is the philosophy thatunderpins my business.”

-       DavidHinojos, Owner, Get QTS, Las Vegas, NV

-       “ThatVodia uses its own API for its programs says a lot: this is a major indicator aSaaS company has it together. The entire PBX can be controlled all through theAPI – it even has one exposed main websocket. I can’t say enough about Vodia.I’ve used them all, and this is by far the best. Support is great too. I reallyenjoy the YouTube videos and ‘the ‘one-on-one’ zoom style calls.”

-       MichaelS., Owner, SIP HARMONY, Austin, TX

-       “TheVodia PBX gives my clients the most complete suite of robust business telephonyfeatures for on-premise and cloud-based telephony, including auto attendant,SMS, paging, separation of personal and work calls, conference calls, callrecording, CRM integration and Microsoft Teams integration.”

-       ShaikInaithulla, Owner, Gulf Network, Kuwait

Want to find out what we can do for your organization? Contactus and we’ll put you in touch with one of our outstanding resellers, sales@vodia.com.

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