The Critical Call Ratio Question

If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise, you want to maximize ROI on all of your costs and expenses, and this includes your telephony; if you’re a reseller, you want to give your SMB customers the best VoIP solution at the best pricing. If you’re a reseller, Vodia is the best-in-class solution for many reasons.

If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise, you want to maximize ROI on all of your costs and expenses, and this includes your telephony; if you’re a reseller, you want to give your SMB customers the best VoIP solution at the best pricing. If you’re a reseller, Vodia is the best-in-class solution for many reasons:

  • We give you a software platform so you can build your own branded cloud PBX package (this isn’t open source; you get your own code).
  • Our PBX is the most feature-rich PBX on the market, a full, best-in-class UC suite with SBC built in for direct routing.
  • We are a multi-tenant pioneer and we’ve been 5G ready from the get-go. And we’re a relationship-first company, which means we only succeed when our partners and resellers succeed, and this starts with our comprehensive deployment training and support.
  • You can keep your existing phones – we interoperate with some of the industry’s best, including Avaya, Cisco, Fanvil, Flyingvoice, Gigaset, Grandstream,

With all of the great reasons to deploy the Vodia cloud PBX, one of the things you should take a look at is our seats-to-call ratio. We give you 1:1.

Sessions-Based Pricing – Why It Isn’t the Best Choice for SMBs

Sessions-based pricing model with a cloud PBX enables service providers to increase their customer base year after year on a fixed-cost license, which these providers believe helps MSPs grow their businesses and increase their margins. This is often described as “oversubscribing) and maximiz(ing) your ROI” as an alternative to seats-based pricing, which limits your selling ability and significantly reduces your market reach.

This might work for larger enterprises, but what about SMBs? According to the SBA, there are approximately 30 million small businesses in the USA, most of them poor candidates for this type of pricing system, which provides 25 seats or 18 seats (phones) per call. If you’re choosing a PBX to move your organization’s telephone system to the cloud, you should ask for what you’re getting. If you’re not getting 1:1, you’re going to lose calls.

If your seats-to-call ratio isn’t 1:1, and your office comprises 10 or 20 employees, if one person is on a call, the other employees have to wait. Are you willing to pay for a PBX that actually stalls your calls? Even if your company doesn’t receive a high volume of calls, one high-volume day means you’re going to lose customers.

Some providers can give you a seats-to-call ratio of 1:4 or 1:3, but with the Vodia cloud PBX you get 1:1, which is what you should demand. This is especially true in essential services, including hospitals and pharmacies and police stations, which must deal with high volumes of emergency calls. When your call volume is unpredictable, any seats-to-call ratio other than 1:1 means you’ll have to purchase calls ahead of time, perhaps an unnecessary number of calls, or risk missing calls. This is an unnecessary expense for any business.

Vodia – Unlimited Calls

Vodia bases its pricing on unlimited calls, so your customers never miss a call. Our MT licenses are based on a metered, post-paid model wherein Vodia invoices every month based on how many extensions were used on a system or cluster. There are multiple advantages to this model:

  • Linear pricing: the license cost is a percentage of what clients pay for PBX usage. When more extensions are needed, partners can add them to the system; if fewer extensions are needed, they can be deleted from the system. This is in proportion to partner revenue.
  • No upfront costs: there are none for installing the Vodia PBX. This makes it easier to start partnering with Vodia in the managed service provider business.
  • Reduces customer overhead and time investment: your MSP runs the telephone system so your clients can concentrate on their core competencies.
  • Value-added services: integrating SIP termination, offering VoIP phones and business process integration. Depending on the setup, other services, including general IT services.

Moving an organization’s phone system to the cloud is a great way to reduce costs while giving their team a way to stay connected, no matter where they are, so they can work from anywhere. Vodia makes it so this utility is available per call, at a price SMBs can afford and with a best-in-class cloud solution and the industry’s best support. Find out more at vodia.com, sales@vodia.com.

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