Passing on Passwords: Are You Ready for Life without Them?

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March 21, 2024

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, companies are increasingly turning to passwordless technologies for enhanced protection. At Vodia, we're at the forefront of this revolution, offering innovative passkey solutions that not only boost security but also streamline user experiences. Our passkeys eliminate the need for users to create and remember passwords, significantly reducing the risk of breaches. With passkeys, accessing your business communications is simpler and safer than ever before. Say goodbye to the hassle of password management and hello to a more secure future with Vodia.

According to a recent Axios article, “Companies flock to passwordless tech”, more and more companies are opting out of passwords to deflect hackers and make access to websites and their assets easier and more secure. 

Leaked logins and passwords often provide hackers with a golden opportunity to find their way into corporate networks. Hence, many companies are now turning to biometrics, authentication codes or passkeys to bolster security. The transition is already upon us, with tech giants like Apple, Google and PayPal endorsing the use of passkeys for added convenience and enhanced security. 

Axios reports that 55 percent of organizations are actively working to end their use of passwords. Looking ahead, 32 percent will reduce employee reliance on passwords over the next year, while 54 percent intend to do so within two years. It seems the days of passwords may soon be numbered, with them possibly becoming relics of the Twenties!

At Vodia, our commitment to innovation has once again placed us ahead of the curve. We introduced passkeys during the spring of 2023, enhancing the security of our phone system significantly. Asking users to create passwords is a whack-a-mole game with password quality checkers, especially when it's not their personal account - users tend to lean towards using the same simple and easy-to-remember passwords. Second and multiple authentication factors are just a workaround for users using the same trivial passwords on all their accounts, a nuisance, and sometimes even ridiculous if you had to receive multiple emails on the same email account for a single login. 

Passkeys eliminate the problem by using completely randomly-created keys. The PBX then works practically without user-generated passwords: it uses only generated passwords, for example, for provisioning IP phones. They also take the blame away from users for picking easy-to-guess passwords.

In a nutshell, the management of the user's identity is left to the large platforms, especially the browser and the operating systems. Compared to what's at play in crypto algorithms, biometrics and AI, passwords and second factors look like a quick hack from the early ages of computing - which they actually are. 

While Vodia users can still opt for passwords, our streamlined passkey system makes the choice clear. Passkeys make it harder for hackers to break into systems, which of course saves our customers time and money. Finally, with passkeys, our users no longer have to waste time typing passwords, requesting factors or making repeated attempts to log in. Our passkeys provide our customers with security and simplicity of use, both of which streamline business operations and protect valuable data. 

Find out more about the Vodia phone system and how our passkeys will make your passwords a thing of the past! sales@vodia.com, +1 (617) 861-3490

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