Partner Spotlight: Brandywine Technical Partners

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December 5, 2023

Brandywine Technical Partners, a technology solutions leader in the greater Boston area, has been at the forefront of innovation for over two decades. Collaborating closely with Vodia, they have embraced SIP-based integration, transforming traditional voice systems into versatile solutions. President Yori Kasprzak praises Vodia's flexibility and open standards, emphasizing their role in campus solutions beyond voice.

Brandywine Technical Partners has been delivering technology-based solutions in the greater Boston area for over two decades, with a focus on solution-based selling and problem-solving. Brandywine’s “figure it out” and “has to be a way” attitude makes the company a must-have vendor in the quiver of any business.

With more than 10,000 endpoints served as of Q4 2023, Brandywine has proved to be an admirable competitor in the cloud-based services market. By combining SIP-based voice systems with CCTV, classroom bell systems, door access, emergency notifications and SMS text platforms with voice-to-text and text-to-voice applications, Brandywine has proven to be a hardcore proponent of evolutionary tech.

Yori Kasprzak, President of Brandywine says, “I learned the “Red Line” way of thinking from Christian Stredicke 18 years ago when I met him. He told me there is a “Red Line” in front of everyone and it’s your job to decide how close to that line you want to be. He suggested I cross that line every day to challenge my abilities. And I have lived that mantra ever since.”

Kasprzak: “Vodia is a resilient product that’s extremely flexible without losing sight of RFC compliance. They are very open to new ideas. We have been a reseller and contributor to the product since its inception; until Vodia, the only software PBX solutions you could really modify were Open Source, but I feel with Open Source you trade security for flexibility. Free software has an alluring price point, but I saw too many systems crash and burn, leaving companies stranded due to vulnerabilities in modified code. We prefer ‘Open Standards’ rather than “Open Source.”

Michael Jozsa, Brandywine lead developer: “Vodia has built a strong culture around its API infrastructure. If we want something, we simply build it - the API is there for just about anything, without heavy code or compiling: if you have techs with a standard understanding of HTML, CSS and Jscript, you have the keys to the castle. With that understanding, we completely revamped the user portal to gear it to our clients’ needs. We worked with Vodia engineers to add Google transcription services, we were able to implement SMS and MMS texting via bandwidth.com, we have integrated HubSpot and other CRM products, and much more.”

Kasprzak: “Our latest focus has been the campus and education markets. We realize now that SIP is useful for so many things other than just voice; by combining SIP(s), Cert-based WebRTC sockets and the Vodia Session Border Controller (SBC), we now have limitless, secure and direct NAT-routed communication between the data center and all kinds of endpoints. Especially effective are the dry contact devices from Fanvil. With Vodia and SIP, we can replace classroom bell systems, control door access, control lights and HVAC, play alerts and visual notifiers for life-threatening emergencies, use E911 location-based emergency services to notify police and EMTs of exact building locations and so much more.”

Brandywine has bet its future on SIP-based integration far beyond voice - the company is selling against Teams, as it believes Teams is the next Nortel, a close-minded, sedentary, stoic monolith with deep pockets and no interest in true customer service; it serves a purpose but has no future in innovation. But what about other PBX providers? 

Kasprzak: “3CX is a great marketing company, but it’s nowhere near as creative and open to discussion for integration as Vodia. For the customer with simple needs, Vodia is, in essence, a fantastic PBX software product that’s been tried and true for many years. Look a little closer, however, and you realize Vodia is far, far more than its basic exterior: it has the tools under the hood to be a powerhouse for creative minds who want to succeed and innovate in an ever-changing market.”

Brandywine believes in creating a culture in this market, and any Vodia resellers interested in learning more about how the company integrates Vodia with so many other platforms and cutting-edge developments are welcome to reach out. 

Kasprzak: “We are happy to assist new adopters in best practices, how to secure and properly configure hosted platforms, and how we build and manage our systems with the highest level of customer service in mind. Our door is always open, Yori.kasprzak@brandywinetech.com.”

Christian Stredicke, President and CEO of Vodia: “We’ve been working with Brandywine for almost two decades, and Yori has been an outstanding partner and an evangelist for our software. Brandywine is great in trying early builds of our phone system and provide the feedback we require to stay at the vanguard of the industry; we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our software, and the team at Brandywine has made significant contributions to our progress and our commitment to innovation.” 

Kasprzak: “Beyond the work we do we also support Autism Speaks, Shriners Hospitals and the Wounded Warrior Project with recurring monthly donations from our profits. We hope everyone in this industry will consider supporting our troops, our children and people in the autism community.”

For more information, download the Brandywine brochure here. And to find out about becoming a Vodia partner, contact us, sales@vodia.com.

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