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November 28, 2023

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November 28, 2023

Cove Central teams up with QuestBlue and Vodia to revolutionize communication solutions for MSPs nationwide. This elite turnkey partnership simplifies FCC compliance, integrates global cloud capabilities, and redefines industry standards. With Cove Central's TAPP, MSPs gain white-glove support and 24x7 service, setting a new standard in unified communications.

Elite Turnkey Solution For Managed Service Providers Nationwide Now Available

Brunswick, ME – November 28, 2023: Cove Central, a provider of hosted and on-premise unified communications and collaboration solutions, today announced its Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) with QuestBlue and Vodia, as part of its nationwide effort in supporting Vodia’s PBX solutions. QuestBlue is a global cloud platform chosen by multiple companies for cloud-ready voice, messaging, fax, and emergency services; Vodia PBX software turns mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PCs and standard VoIP phones into endpoints suitable for the communication needs of both SMBs and enterprises. QuestBlue now offers Vodia turnkey solution for MSPs nationwide through Cove Central’s TAPP.  

Jim Whitaker, Manager, Cove Central Communications: “This opportunity came in such a perfect time. With Stir/Shaken and other compliance required by the FCC, MSPs large and small have been stuck in a corner without knowing how to meet these regulations. We are making this super-easy for them to continue their business while we take care of the back-of-the-house maintenance and protocols. Additionally, there’s the option of billing the end user: certain federal and local taxes are required by law to be charged appropriately, and these are protocols that will be difficult to tackle, especially for small MSPs.”

Kevin Masse, CEO, QuestBlue: "I am excited to announce QuestBlue's collaboration with Cove Central and Vodia. This is a transformative alliance that exemplifies innovation and excellence in the communication technology landscape. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and, together with Cove Central and Vodia, we are poised to redefine industry benchmarks. Through shared expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we will empower businesses with seamless, efficient and forward-thinking communication solutions, revolutionizing the way we connect and collaborate in today's dynamic business environment."

Christian Stredicke, CEO, Vodia Networks, Inc.: "Our partnership with Cove and QuestBlue addresses the need for a communication system as a service in the United States without giving up data ownership. Installing and operating a modern telephone system like the Vodia PBX has become a complex task, both in terms of technical issues and also in terms of compliance requirements. Instead of spending in-house resources, organizations in the United States can now simply use the PBX as a service from Cove without having to deal with the details."

Cove Central supports Managed Service Providers by offering full white-glove support or simply software and support services – its nationwide effort comes with 24x7 service, including SIP trunking, while enabling MSPs to white-label their solutions and own their brands. The company’s new TAPP with QuestBlue and Vodia builds on the reputation of each of these industry-leaders for innovation and peerless customer service. Sign up now to get started!

About Cove Central

Cove Central Communications is a provider of hosted and on-premise unified communications and collaboration solutions. We empower today’s mobile and distributed workforces to be connected anywhere and on any device in one platform.  We provide support to organizations with 5 to over 1,500 users in the Northeast and beyond. For more information, please visit

About QuestBlue

QuestBlue has been committed to being a leading provider of Wholesale Voice Services since 2007. We have supplied our customers with more than just SIP Trunks, PBX systems, or telephones. We have been a business partner and a trusted provider! For more information, please visit

About Vodia

Vodia Networks, Inc. is a pioneering provider of B2B Cloud Communications Solutions catering to enterprises, contact centers and service providers. Fully compliant with SIP industry standards, the Vodia phone system integrates effortlessly with a wide range of SIP-based devices and trunking providers, granting ultimate freedom in telephony. Our mission is to empower our partners and end-users with the world's best cloud PBX and personalized support to ensure their success at every turn. Visit Vodia on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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