Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker of cutting-edge software-based telephone systems, is pleased to announce the company’s website,, is now available in Portuguese.

November 10, 2021 – Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker of cutting-edge software-based telephone systems, is pleased to announce the company’s website,, is now available in Portuguese.

Vodia recently announced the Spanish version of its website following the relaunch of its website to make it easier to navigate for partners and resellers and to give small businesses more information as to how its best-in-class cloud PBX makes it possible for SMBs and their teams to work from anywhere, particularly as hybrid work becomes the norm for so many enterprises worldwide, with staff alternating between working from home and working onsite.

Vodia maintains a global presence, with offices in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa. The company also works with outstanding distributors in Europe and in North and South America and, to better serve its partners and their resellers, continues to increase the number of languages in which its website is available. Now that is available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, translations into Italian and Russian are being discussed, along with Mandarin.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide all of the information on our new website in Portuguese,” said Kyle Asbury, Director, Sales and Marketing, Vodia, “as it gives us a chance to support our distributors and resellers in Lusophone countries, in addition to Brasil and Portugal. We have some outstanding partners in Brazil and Iberia, and we look forward to gaining greater market share in these areas and in Africa. We want to see our best-in-class cloud PBX take over the world!”

The Vodia PBX comprises the most complete suite of robust business telephony features for on-premise and cloud-based telephony, including auto attendant, SMS, paging, separation of personal and work calls, conference calls, call recording, CRM integration and Microsoft Teams integration. If you’re looking for an integrated solution to provide telephony, Internet and Wi-Fi for your organization, Vodia makes it possible to work from anywhere.

For more information, please contact Vodia’s VP of Communications, David Porter,

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