Vodia PBX Expands Messaging Reach with Enhanced Integration

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February 29, 2024

Vodia Networks, Inc. has announced a significant enhancement to its integration with, a leading provider of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communication solutions. With this upgrade, users can now seamlessly send and receive' SMS messages directly through the Vodia interface, consolidating voice and SMS communication in one platform. This development enables businesses to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and take advantage of features like automated mass SMS campaigns and targeted messaging. By leveraging' competitive pricing, organizations can reduce overall communication costs.

Boston, 29 February 2024 – Vodia Networks, Inc., whose PBX software turns mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PCs and standard VoIP phones into endpoints suitable for the communication needs of both SMBs and enterprises, announced a significant upgrade to its integration with, a global leader in Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communication solutions. Previously, users could only leverage Vodia PBX to make and receive calls through With this latest enhancement, businesses and organizations can send and receive' SMS messages directly through the intuitive Vodia interface.

"This powerful integration empowers businesses to manage all their voice and SMS communication in one centralized location, simplifying operations and boosting efficiency," said Christian Stedicke, CEO, Vodia. 

This exciting development streamlines communication and unlocks valuable benefits since unifying both platforms allows end-users to:

  • Manage all voice and SMS communication in a single, centralized interface
  • Automate and schedule mass SMS campaigns
  • Send targeted SMS messages to individual customers or groups
  • Track delivery status, analyze data and gain insights about ongoing SMS campaigns
  • Benefit from' competitive pricing for voice and SMS services, reducing overall corporate communication costs

"Strengthening our relationship with Vodia, with this newly added capability, reinforces our commitment to bringing scalable and affordable solutions to our customers," said David Rouleau, CEO at

The enhanced integration with Vodia PBX is available immediately for all existing and new Vodia and users. Access the detailed documentation for additional information. For further information and any other inquiries, please contact or

About Vodia Networks, Inc. 

Vodia Networks, Inc. is a pioneering provider of B2B Cloud Communications Solutions catering to enterprises, contact centers and service providers. Vodia's PBX software boasts an extensive suite of business telephony features for on-premise and cloud-based systems and operates seamlessly across Windows, Linux or Mac platforms. Fully compliant with SIP industry standards, the Vodia phone system integrates effortlessly with a wide range of SIP-based devices and trunking providers, granting ultimate freedom in telephony. Vodia’s multi-tenancy platforms are compatible with an unprecedented number of technologies, including desk phones, softphones and APIs, for myriad third-party software and CRM systems. Our mission is to empower our partners and end-users with the world's best cloud PBX and personalized support to ensure their success at every turn. Visit Vodia on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


Since being founded in 2007 in Montreal, has empowered businesses ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500s with affordable, contract-free and scalable VoIP solutions. Its comprehensive suite of products includes phone numbers in over 100 countries, messaging services, virtual fax, and over 70 advanced features, all backed by exceptional customer support. With 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s the highest-rated VoIP provider as voted by consumers on Capterra

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