Setting up SMS with the Vodia phone system

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July 28, 2022

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July 28, 2022

Setting SMS on the Vodia phone system isn't that difficult, but we will need to set up a few configurations in the user portal

Setting up SMS with the Vodia phone system

Setting SMS on the Vodia phone system isn't that difficult however we will need to set up a few configurations in the  user portal

Configure your number to use SMS

thinq number

Setting up IP Allow List

In this section, you will need to add your Vodia phone system IP address under Messaging

Ip watch

Setting up inbound and outbound messaging URL

  • Outbound Messages settings: Enter your  DNS for example https://YourDNS/recvsms
  • Chose "JSON"
  • Inbound Messages Messages settings: Enter your DNS for example https://YourDNS/recvsms
  • Choose "URL"
configureing sms


Thinq API is found below - it's called "Tokens." Please take a look at this example. Once you have created your API tokens,  you should see the Token user and Token key itself. You will need this information for the Vodia phone system.


User profile

Thinq user profile information is needed as the "Account id" Isn't shown with the API

Write your "Account ID" number, as we will use this on the Vodia phone system


Phone System SMS Settings

Navigate to your Vodia phone system "System Level," then go to "Messaging" -- Notifications  

  • Provider : Thinq
  • Username or account: Thinq user account found in a user profile which consists of 5 number
  • Application ID:  User Token user from API list
  • Text messaging-enabled for domains by default is "optional"
  • URL Prefix: recvsms
  • Address for pulling MMS content: https://YourDNS
  • Default ANI for sending SMS messages:  Thinq phone number configured for SMS

Save the configuration.

Please check below for visual aid.


Under the extension "ANI for SMS" you must use the SMS number programmed on thinq. This has to be done for all the users in the tenant. but the SMS number cannot be the same - SMS work individually, just like smartphones ;)


Testing it all out

Navigate to your Vodia user portal, dial a number in your home page and press the MSG icon to send an SMS to a cellular user.


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