single instance deployments

Prepaid licenses

The Vodia prepaid licenses are designed to make the billing process as easy as possible. The licenses can be purchased on monthly, quarterly or annual bases so that  invoicing costs and captial use are minimized. Licenses are centered around seats, similar to what most business software solutions use for billing purposes.


Basic Feature Set

Ideally for SMBs and SOHOs granting access to all of the apps (desktop, Android, iOS), and all the features that are necessary to get the PBX up and running

What's included?
Single auto attendant
Limited extensions
Unlimited hunt groups
1 SIP trunk
1 conference room
Softhphone Apps


Advanced Feature Set

Our most popular package providing an advanced feature set with the addition of manual call recording, Fax-to-email, and call center functionality (ACD) through the creation of agent groups

What's included?
Everything from Standard
Unlimited auto attendants
Unlimited SIP trunks
Unlimited conference rooms
Manual recording
Fax-to-email conversion
2 ACD groups


Full Feature Set

This provides a comprehensive feature set combining all the Standard and Pro features with the additional ability to set up automatic call recording, CRM integration and more

What's included?
Everything from Pro
Unlimited ACD groups
Automatic call recording
Call barge in, teach mode
CRM integration
Cost accounting support
Special edition

Microsoft Teams collaboration license

If you are using Microsoft Teams with the Vodia PBX, the Collaboration license is what you want to use. Designed to mirror Teams extensions in the PBX this license type can be used to extend Teams for additional extensions that don't need the Office functionality like phones on factory floors, airline crews or hotel rooms that need to be able to communicate with Teams users. The collaboration license offers everything the Enterise edition has to offer plus the Teams integration.

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Flexible and easy

Our entire sales and installation process is designed for flexibility and simplicity. We want to help you grow, and we want your PBX to accommodate your growth at every turn.


Depending on your country, licenses can be obtained through distribution partners or online. For more information, contact our sales department:

License Upgrades

As your company grows, your telephony requirements grow and change. You can upgrade your subscription without having to restart the PBX, and the existing subscription will be prorated.

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