Make business calls from anywhere thanks to the Vodia cloud phone system

Vodia PBX – the cloud PBX and VoIP app for modern workplaces

Vodia was founded 15 years ago by former Snom co-founder and VoIP pioneer Dr. Christian Stredicke. The goal was, and still is, to develop a PBX so companies of any size can deploy software for VoIP telephony. The Vodia PBX is used by companies in more than 50 countries – it’s ideal for use in the office, home office and hybrid work environments. It ensures your organization's digital transformation towards scalable, virtual work environments. The Vodia PBX is easy to install and deploy – it can be done within a day without disrupting your operations.

TK-Anlage aus der Cloud: Vodia PBX für kleine und

Leading companies around the world rely on the Vodia cloud phone system and VoIP telephony apps:

 Allstate VersicherungArlington HotelsChicago Public SchoolsDodge AutomobileKia MotorsNikon CorporationNissan Motor CorporationThe Salvation Army

Thanks to VoIP telephone system and robust, easy-to-use  apps, you can make calls from anywhere, as if you were still in the office.

It is no longer possible to imagine our working world without flexible models. Employees today work at the office but also from their own home offices, at customer sites or in the field. Availability by telephone with existing office numbers is crucial for smooth workflow, successful projects and collaboration, but this availability isn’t always guaranteed in our increasingly hybrid working environments.The Vodia VoIP telephone system guarantees that availability. With apps for Android and iOS mobile operating systems on smartphones and tablets, as well as for Windows, macOS or Linux devices (PCs and notebooks), Vodia's cloud PBX enables location-independent VoIP telephony and flexible business communication with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers at any time.

Make business calls from anywhere thanks to the Vodia cloud phone system

Vodia VoIP telephone system from the cloud: smart. open. secure

An outstanding advantage of the Vodia IP PBX is it works with almost any browser – even without a stationary desk phone. Depending on authorization, users can adjust settings themselves, schedule telephone conferences and  control presence and absence. Vodia’s integrated Session Border Controller (SBC) ensures secure communication, as well as the integration of Microsoft Teams and connection of Microsoft 365 environments. This gives you Teams features combined with the robust features of a PBX designed for business, including overhead paging, group calls or additional extensions used only for telephony.

TK-Anlage aus der Cloud: Vodia PBX für kleine und
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Seamless connection to existing systems, SIP trunks and IP phones

Easy integration with the Vodia PBX  / cloud phone system

Integration of existing systems

Vodia supports IP phones from leading manufacturers

With Vodia's cloud telephone system, companies benefit from fast, encrypted and smooth communication via SMS, MMS and instant messaging to and from employees' smartphones, as well as integrations with hospitality and CRM systems such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho and other cloud systems. The Vodia cloud telephone system works with VoIP phones from the industry’s best OEMs and the most widely used devices. Many IP telephones can be automatically integrated directly into the Vodia hosted PBX.

CiscoPolycomSnomYealinkYealinkMitelAlcatel-Lucent EnterprisePanasonicGigasetAuerswald
Support for numerous SIP trunks

Vodia’s cloud phone system comes with a variety of SIP trunk templates

Vodia's cloud telephone system is fully compatible with the SIP industry standard, so enterprises and SMBs may choose from almost any SIP trunk provider.

QSCeasybelleasy bellhexaneQuestBlueTwilioplacetelreventixtoplinkplus netequaldus.netansit-comnuvola7

What customers say about the Vodia PBX cloud phone system

Reliable and flexible cloud phone system (PBX)

One of the great features of Vodia's cloud phone system is its integration with Microsoft Teams. More and more companies are coming to us requesting to use Microsoft Teams as their business phone system, which is something we rarely recommend. What we like to recommend is that they use Vodia for business cloud telephony and connect people to that platform through Teams. That way they don't have to keep taking off their headset and picking up the phone to make a call.... They can do all of their communications directly through the Teams platform, but behind that is a totally reliable cloud phone system.... So they also have all the capabilities that a traditional PBX offers.

Jim Whittaker
Cove Central Communications

Solid and hosted entirely in AWS makes this an unreal service offering. The system has been hardened over the last 15 years and its community is quite supportive. The system is probably one of the most flexible systems, architecturally speaking, whereby you have a true multi-tenant PBX. Setting up domains, live call tracking, CRM integrations with ZTP (zero-touch provisioning) for multiple brands of IP Phones and with pricing that makes sense is based on simultaneous call paths as opposed to per extension billing makes it a no brainer!

Andreas L

Vodia has great cloud telephony apps, for iOS, for Android, for the computer. You don't even need a phone to make calls now, you can use your computer. It couldn't be much easier... The web apps have made a big difference. Our receptionist can do everything right from his computer. He can see who is calling, who is on the phone, if someone is on an important call and doesn't want to be disturbed right now. They can reschedule calls, you can do so many things with this interface, it just makes everything better and easier. My favorite feature is the SMS feature. I can't believe you can text directly through the cloud phone system now, I mean who does that!!! ... If someone has a problem that I need to solve, if they need support, they can just text me at my company number and someone in my company will text back or call and take care of it!

Yori Kasprzak
President Brandywine Technical Partners

The ease of setting up a new server is awesome! For hundreds of separate customers each with tens of extensions takes a few minutes (or tens of customers with 100s extensions), then you can backup a complete customer domain with one click, restore it to another server with one click and go live... We can deploy a new customer (through our simple portal written using the Vodia API) with 10 extensions and DID trunk set up ready to make and receive calls in 10 minutes, with industry standard phones out of the box, without touching any phone to set it up. Full support for fault finding, tracing logging and great personal support (when you need it)! We find this PBX software to be the best for any small or large Service Provider to provide best of class VoIP in a very standardized, repeatable and maintainable way to their customers.

Waldi V

The software works great with our phones. We were able to install the software on digital ocean as a cloud service, and link our phones, and use Twilio as our helped hook it up, and it is much more stable and feature rich than our previous phone system. It's secure, and voice is encrypted all the way.

Robert S


Does Vodia offer a free trial version of the cloud phone system?

Yes, you can get a license key from us to put the phone system through its paces for 60 days.

Does Vodia provide assistance with the setup?

Of course we do. Just get in touch with us.

How secure is the Vodia cloud phone system and PBX software?

The Vodia PBX is equipped with an integrated Session Border Controller (SBC) that supports all necessary encryption algorithms for secure communication.

Does Vodia's cloud phone system come with an integrated Session Border Controller (SBC)?

Yes, the Vodia cloud phone system has been equipped with our in-house developed SBC since version 1.0.

Does Microsoft Teams connect to Vodia cloud telephony without any problems?

Without any problems. Seamlessly. You can use the integrated SBC or an external one for this purpose.

Can our existing VoIP phones be used with the Vodia cloud phone system without any problems?

The Vodia cloud phone system supports VoIP phones from all major VoIP phone manufacturers.

Is there a restriction on the choice of SIP trunk provider with the Vodia cloud phone system?

Not at all. The Vodia cloud phone system even provides predefined templates for SIP trunk providers from around the world for easy setup.

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