The phone system that enables mobility

Work From Anywhere

Home office, hybrid and in the office make no difference for  Vodia PBX users. Mix and match VoIP phones and the free Vodia apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS as needed. And still, with the Vodia PBX its possible to keep work and personal life separated even when using the same device. And of course it comes with the full feature set of a modern telephone system.

Business is business and private is private

Separate phone numbers

There is no need to hand out private phone numbers to your customers. The Vodia phone system makes sure that calls to the company stay within the company and that users can place calls using the phone number of the company. Customers can call the business line no matter on which device the user connects the call. And for outbound calls, customers will see the business caller ID.

Large feature set

Everything you need

Vodia PBX system is a Swiss army knife of telephony. The wide range of features and integrations allows for all the tiers of company members to perform their tasks in the most convenient and hustle free way.

SMS / MMS Icon


Receive and send SMS using your business phone number.

CRM Integrations

Integrate with CRM systems like Freshbooks, Zoho and more

Time based routing

Set your work hours to keep that work-life balance going

Full control for administrators

On-premise deployment

For companies that prefer to operate the PBX on their own networks, Vodia offers multiple options for running the PBX in the LAN and in the private WAN.

Keep all the data in-house

Your data stays on the server, which you operate - no-one except the administrator has no access to your server or to your data. In environments where compliance is important, this dramatically simplifies the setup. If you are able to virtualize your server, you may be able to automatically fail over in the event of a hardware failure. This will make the PBX service even more robust during unforeseen events and keeps you in control.

Ultimate control

If you are already running servers in your network, running the Vodia PBX will add just one more server to your list. Choose the operating system you know the best and the server hardware you like the most - the PBX doesn’t require much in the way of resources. A standard server with a few GB of memory will be enough to host even demanding installations.If you make a mistake, just roll back your changes.IPv4

We care about security

Everything is encrypted

Keep all the communication private without having to worry about it. Vodia makes it possible since it comes with all those features out of the box.

Running the service in mixed environments


The Vodia PBX was designed to run in environments with multiple interfaces and multiple protocols. You can use IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time and even in the same call. You can route calls from a VPN interface to a LAN interface, or from a WAN interface to a specific VLAN. The built-in SBC takes care about near-end and far-end NAT traversal. If you want you can keep office traffic in the LAN and route calls traffic through the Internet only when needed.

Support of all major platforms

Mobile and Desktop apps

At Vodia we empower the flexibility of remote work and make it possible for anyone and everywhere to be accessible. Doesn't matter if you are a Windows, macOS, Linux user, we have desktop app for all.

Desktop apps

The Vodia desktop apps go far beyond what you know from traditional SIP soft phones. You can see the status of your coworkers, call or text them, see messages in your mailbox, see you call history, call recordings and even see what is going on in your ACD. And you can change your preferences in your PBX, like redirections, upload your profile image or timezone.

Mobile apps

The Vodia PBX Android client is available from Google Play and runs on all major Android systems. The app supports calling, calls on hold, transfers and texting (SMS). Pairing is completed using QR codes.Convert your iPhone or iPad into a VoIP phone that works from where you have Internet access. You can use it in tandem with your VoIP phone, or just standalone.


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