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Benefits of the Vodia Communication Platform

How does the Vodia phone system compare to its competitors:


Data Privacy

Many phone systems are based on open-source software, with components from sources which are more or less secure, yet some phone system manufacturers have had unfortunate experiences, including data leaks. The Vodia phone system is built with software code written entirely by the Vodia team, which is led by Dr. Christian Stredecke, a pioneer in Voice-over-IP technology (VoIP). Our PBX ensures compliance with the highest quality standards and makes it suitable for use where GDPR, SOC 2 and further industry-specific certifications are required.



Multiple phone systems have been developed over the years, and these use program code for specific functions; some of this code is either no longer useful or is too complicated. Vodia places immense importance on "lean" code, which is only necessary for functions directly in use. This results in availability, comparatively high performance and robustness.


Call Quality

You will certainly agree the poor sound quality of many phone systems is often surprising. However, top-notch call quality is your company’s audio business card. Vodia makes no compromises in this regard: our call quality is second to none.



Vodia customers and partners appreciate the ability of the Vodia phone system to run multiple tenants on a single installation; this multi-tenant capability significantly reduces administrative overhead and operating costs. Vodia phone systems can profitably serve both small businesses as easily as it can enterprises with several thousand users. Scalability is another feature that sets Vodia apart from other phone systems.



Integrating communication functions with other software or platforms, such as CRM software, gives an organization a competitive advantage and gains in efficiency. With the Vodia integration framework, nearly any desired integration can be implemented - even non-existing integrations can be realized in a very short time. Compared to other phone systems, Vodia is peerless in this regard.

Switching phone systems is easier than you think. Vodia makes the migration particularly simple. Contact us, and we or one of our partners will migrate your communications system to Vodia, free of charge and seamlessly, while you continue working. 

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About Vodia

Vodia is a pioneer and innovator in VoIP communication for business clients. Our systems are used by companies of all sizes, from startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses to multinational corporations, wherever high communication quality is a critical factor for success.

Vodia is a registered communications service provider with the Federal Network Agency.

Vodia ist Mitglied des Bundesverbandes Mittelständische Wirtschaft – BVMW e.V.