Vodia is Networking with SMBs on AI applications

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October 23, 2023

An increasing number of companies are currently evaluating the true value of AI, particularly its role in significantly enhancing the efficiency of business communications. Vodia's partner, IONOS, is at the forefront of driving an AI initiative known as OpenGPT-X, which is a vital component of the broader GAIA-X project. GAIA-X is a substantial European cloud infrastructure project aimed at creating a secure and federated data infrastructure specifically tailored for the European Union, underlining the importance of data security and sovereignty within the EU.

Our partner, IONOS, as an IT infrastructure provider, has recently taken an initiative focused on AI within the European Union. This initiative, named OpenGPT-X, is backed by public funding and is part of the GAIA-X project. While taking action as a potential vendor is essential, it is equally important to educate the marketplace about the actual possibilities and achievements in this field. Currently, more than 80 percent of companies are assessing the true value of AI for their business processes, with AI and business communications in particular having a major impact on the efficiency of these processes. In this regard, Vodia is one of the pioneers in the integration of AI into its communications system, offering advanced features such as voice transcriptions, sentient analysis and other services, and our AI-powered features continue to increase in number and scope. 

During the event in Dortmund, it was evident that we are at the onset of a substantial period of business transformation. Sharing best practices and real business cases based on AI was a dominant topic of discussion among the participants. Vodia is committed to contributing to this ongoing discussion within this network, showcasing how the integration of AI with our cloud phone system provides substantial and increasing value to SMBs, enterprises and public institutions and organizations. 

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