Sipgate was founded in 2004 and became one of Germany's largest VoIP service providers for consumers and small businesses. Through its network, which used SIP protocol, it allowed making low-cost national and international calls and provided customers with an incoming geographical phone number. Customers were expected to use a client software or a SIP-compliant hardware (a VoIP phone or ATA) to access its services. Since 2011, Sipgate's network has been using the open-source project Yate for the core of its softswitch infrastructure. Sipgate are among the sponsors of the Kamailio World Conference & Exhibition. In January 2013, the firm entered the German mobile phone market as a full MVNO.[4] Sipgate's German mobile phone services run over the E-Plus network.

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sipgate team

Introduced in 2009, the product is a hosted business phone system (PBX) providing online management of phone services for 1 to 250 Users. All billing, end user management, call management, etc. is through an online portal. A mobile solution was released in Germany in early 2013 that can be integrated with the 'Team' business VoIP service. SIM cards can be used as extensions in the Team web telephone system or used individually with mobile and landline numbers.

sipgate trunking

In Germany, SIP trunking services connect customer's third party VoIP PBXs via broadband with the public telephone network. SIP trunking can be combined with the team product.

sipgate basic and sipgate basic plus

The basic residential VoIP service was released in Germany and the UK in January, 2004.basic accounts receive one free UK or German geographic 'landline' phone number and a voicemail box. With a suitable fax-enabled VoIP adapter faxes may also be sent from conventional fax machines.

On 6 October 2014, the firm released an open API sipgate io.