vodia iop

Vodia PBX LAN appliance

Prebuilt and ready to deploy with a standard license onboard and the ability to license for up to 16 concurrent calls. Despite the small form factor, this device runs the complete Vodia PBX software on a state-of-the-art embedded server. Never before has it been so easy and inexpensive to have a professional phone system for your business. And not just any phone system, but the rock-solid feature-rich world class Vodia PBX. Just connect it to your router.

Modern appliance technology

Small form factor, powerful feature set

Vodia IOP can handle up to 16 simultaneous calls, making it an appropriate choice for a large number of offices. It comes with a large built-in SD card that can even store call recordings. The power consumption is low compared to PC-server based solutions, which do not only help reducing carbon emissions but also reduces the cost for operating the PBX service in the LAN.

cost analysis

Outstanding ROI

That price not only gets you the hardware and software for the PBX but also includes standard license.  The device supports up to 16 concurrent calls, so that office can scale up their installation when needed. This makes the device even attractive for home intercom systems or add-on to existing IP-PBX, for example as paging subsystem.

With the low energy consumption of the IOP, cost savings will be seen on your electric bill as well.  And even if you choose one of the pay-for licenses, Vodia’s unique billing options allow these costs to be broken out over time—semi-annually, quarterly or even monthly.  So with no upfront commitment or contract, there is little to no risk.


Features overview

  • Compatible with most SIP phones and SIP trunks
  • Administration through web browser
  • Industrial strength SD card
  • No moving parts that make noise or can break
  • Build on proven standard Linux hardware platform
  • Takes up very little space
  • Designed for easy mounting
  • Industrial strength SD card
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