Vodia IO

All-in-one Broadband Router

WLAN, LAN, WAN, and everything in Gigabit speed! Vodia IO provides the office with high speed Internet. Connect to the Internet using your modem and the Vodia IO WAN Ethernet port, or use the DSL connector. Or use the SFP, for example to connect to fiber. The device has four directional antennas for Gigabit WLAN connectivity. And of course four Gigabit LAN ports.

And that's not all! Vodia IO comes with a preinstalled telephone system, two FXS ports and a DECT base station. Connect standard VoIP phones or use the Vodia Apps and turn your Vodia IO into a powerful telephone system. A large range of features will increase your business productivity and it will help you with a better life work balance.

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Vodia IO
Vodia IOP Nutzer

Vodia IO Features

  • Router for home office, small office, shops, restaurants and clinics
  • Gigabit connectivity for LAN, WLAN and WAN
  • DECT base station and FXS ports
  • Preinstalled Vodia PBX
  • Multiple ways to connect to Internet
  • Available in the EU and select countries
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